Orangebloods reports Kyle Allen to UT

Looks like Kyle Allen will graduate and transfer to UT to play for Herman at UT. That one will piss me off. These coaches are mercenaries and don’t care about what the school and fans have done to contribute to their success. Herman is going to skullf$@k UH just like Sumlin did.

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Not surprise by this. I’m just shock hoiw quick some of these athletes graduate after 3 years with everything around them.

lol Does one person making a wishlist count as a report these days? Allen has no special connection to Herman that he would follow Herman to UT. I doubt he would even beat out Shane Buechele for the job.

If we do end up with a new head coach and a new offensive coordinator, I think D’Eriq King and Bowman Sells are both ready to battle it out this Spring.


Bryson Smith, please. Make it a 3 man battle.

Bryson Smith will still be in High School. Not eligible for Spring practices. :wink: I suspect that James Klingler might walk on as well seeing as he isn’t even listed on recruiting websites.

why would allen go to ut to compete with shane?
he could have done that already when he left aggy.
he has the best shot at starting here.

True and I would hate to start a true freshman, but it will be a new start with a new coach.

Not going to hate on UT, but their last two hires (Herman, Smart) have been home runs on paper.

The only thing UH ONLY lacks now is a P5 conference. That should be the powers of be MAIN goal. Go all out and try again into getting into one until we do. If not, this will become like Groundhog day over and over.

I’m just a messenger. Apparently this was always the plan. Herman has known for some time he wouldn’t coach a third season at UH. Total slimeball.

Just curious, where did you get this insight on Herman’s plans?

Message board chatter. But just about everything that has been written on him in the past two years has been true. When you see Allen to UT, it will be yet another confirmation.

Only speculation is that Allen might stay if Spavital comes to UH.

It’s truly amazing what you can do when you have someone taking all your quizzes and tests at A&M for you. [quote=“Progs, post:2, topic:4705, full:true”]
Not surprise by this. I’m just shock hoiw quick some of these athletes graduate after 3 years with everything around them.

I thought Herman made a point of stating he actively recruited KA while at tOSU and that is one reason he transferred to UH.

Allen tweeted the Cougar paw emoji in response to Fetitta’s tweet about UH moving onward and upward. I don’t think Allen is gone at all, though he might be be if we hired a head coach and/or OC he didn’t especially like.

What’s the emoji for “nothing has changed”?