Oregon predictions

Alright we’re 1 day away from the Fertitta Center opening. What are the predictions for the game?

UH 88
Oregon 82

Forgot to put my prediction lol. 84-77 Coogs. We dominate start to finish

I think the game is secondary. It’s going to be a party Saturday night. It’s going to be lit.


I think Oregon is walking into a hornet’s nest Saturday night. This will be the equivalent to 2016 Louisville in football. 78-60 Coogs.

Will this new venue be as loud as the old one? I realize it does not seat as many fans. Asking for a Razorback fan from the 70’s!

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Dan, I hope you are correct.

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What is the health status of the 2 tallest players for the coogs?
We will need them because the Ducks are such a tall team.

I wish I could be there… UH 92 - Oregon 78.

Let the 3’s rain!!!

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79 - 65 Coogs win.

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The thing everyone is really wondering is… how long does CKS last with the coat and tie :joy:


18:21 left in 1st goodbye coat; 11:43 left goodbye tie.

Edit: this is a big game for everyone, even coach. I think he wears coat to game, takes it off just before tipoff, puts it on back of chair.

armoni will define this game IMO…

i was just having a convo with a friend of mine and he noticed something…a theory that armoni doesnt handle pressure situations well

i checked on it and the data kinda backs it up…armoni only has “big games” vs bad teams where we would have likely won even without his performance (no pressure), and even then almost all of it is 1st half points … the only kind clutch shot he has made was vs Cincinnati and he was wide open (and there was still 2mins left)

beyond that shot, he hasn’t put up big numbers vs any good teams, or must win games, or shined late in game-defining moments…he disappeared in the AAC tourney/ncaa tourney

and from the film its obvious, he will take a super deep 3pointer while double-teamed vs a bad team with supreme confidence…he only shoots it when wide open in the pressure situations and the shots never look as clean

i think we win if we can get 20+ from him…im not worried about Corey & Oregon doesn’t have defensive guards like that …i hope armoni can squash the newfound doubt in our hearts

He does it for show now :joy::joy::joy: but it’s still funny.

UH favored by 2.5. I thought it would be 3.

Not to jinx us, but I think it’s very possible that we win this one by 15+…and just don’t want to coog it the opening game at the Fertitta Center, like the TDECU debut disaster.

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Sampson > Levine

Remember that Oregon just lost to Texas Southern, so they will come out with fire in their eyes. I think it will be very close game. The home team pulls it out in front of a fanatic crowd.


Sampson > Herman
Sampson = Yeoman


UH 100-3.


We have a lot of injured players. UH 76–Oregon 74.

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