Oregon State Home and Home series

This is really sad.

I did not say those were not 2023 attendance numbers. I said that using 1 year is not an average (an average is where you take several years, add the numbers together then divide by the number of years), and one year is not a relevant way to determine a value of attendance numbers.

You could not answer the question on TV value based on viewers. How does the media company make money off of the people in the stadium…


You could look back five years and see the same results.

Has Stanford EVER averaged 20k per game in basketball, for example?

And even in football you’d have to go back a ways to see Stanford attendance competing with UNC.

UNC’s football and basketball attendance FAR outclasses Stanford’s in recent years.

It’s SAD that you would make an issue of it.

Look here.

The ultimate measure of a brand’s value is how much the market is willing to pay for it.

The media people, that is to say, the MARKET is currently willing to pay FOUR TIMES as much for UNC’s brand as Stanford’s.

If rumors of UNC bolting to the P2 are true, then it’ll be an even BIGGER value gap.

So don’t give me any of this CRAP about how Stanford’s sports brand is bigger.

UNC’s is at least four times bigger based on the current market.

Any outside source that’s telling you anything to the contrary in the face of that….as I said….can be SAFELY disregarded.