Oregon State

Oregon State, which we beat in the Elite 8 last year, is 3-27 and 1-19 in the Pac-12. Woof.


Worst of all they lost to Tulsa! Just turrrible.

Havent kept up with them but im guessing they must’ve lost everyone from last years team lol

They lost their leading scorer from last year but brought back 6 of their top 8 minute getters. They also brought in several transfers from other P5 programs. Does look like they’ve had an injury or two (we know a thing or two about that) but to me it just looks like they’ve lost the magic they found late last season. I mean they were only a .500 team (11-11) heading into the last weekend of February last year. They caught lightning in a bottle and played way above their level for a month. Seems theyve just come back down to Earth this year.


Clearly a POWER SCHOOL… :rofl:

Last year they were picked to finish last in the PAC-12. They got hot at the right time. They made the NCAA tournament the only way they could, they won the PAC-12 tournament.
This year, they were picked 4th in the pre-season PAC-12 poll. Looks like the polls got the years reversed.