Oregon, Utah St & St Louis

All will probably win their Conference tournament, with LSU magical season, and if it wasn’t for Will Wade getting suspended… :astonished::flushed::dizzy_face:

Beat Cincy, number #2 seed here we come.


i just watched 2 bracket shows on 2 different networks they think we are 3 seed no matter what …that our chance was michigan doing badly in the tourney…but they made it all the way to finall. they say we are locked as a 3 seed win or lose tomorrow

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Well see hopefully the committee doesn’t buy into these tv hacks…Cincy lost 4 games last year and still had a 2 seed. Maybe the top lines were weaker last year idk.

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We are a #1 seed.


How many tournament teams have we beaten this year?

I count six likely. 7 if Temple slides back in.

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