Osobor gets $2 Million NIL from U Washington

Great Osobor is transferring from Utah State to Washington and in the process, signed for a package to receive at least $2 million in NIL deals, his agent George Langberg of GSL Sports Group told ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

This is the largest known guaranteed money deal in college basketball, and there hasn’t been one bigger than this announced publicly in any other college sport either.

This report is based on an interview with Osobor’s agent. No reason to question the accuracy of what comes out of an agent’s mouth.

Great Osobor spurns Tech’s 2 millionish offer to accept Washington’s


Washington must be desperate if they’re dropping 2 million on a single player

This is amazing. Will be the 3rd stop for him and his coach.
For sake of discussion, let’s assume the $2 million NIL is as stated.

Where is this all heading ?
Will UH need an annual NIL budget of $4-6 million just for men’s basketball?
Will this really start to turnoff college fans who will be paying to see kids playing that make much
more than the average fan ?
Is $2 million going to be the absurdly low NIL deal in a few years ?

All seems crazy.

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Is Great his real first name?

Had never even heard of the guy lol
now he’s a rich guy who I’ve never heard of or seen play

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$2 million in deals… I guess the agent gets the contracts ahead of time and packages them…?

  1. To crazy town for awhile until rich alumni get burned a few times and it settles down. Rich people get rich by making sound investments.
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, but I think it goes deeper than that. If the ncaa starts paying these kids to play with revenue sharing, i would think it would be a tough sell to go and watch kids making more than most grads play basketball for a degree they will never get and can go to 4 or 5 schools. There is a reason the NBA can only support 30ish teams and not 300 teams.
  4. Maybe. Depends on #1


Why go to the G League and make pennies when you can make millions in college