OSU fans at the game and recap

  1. I’m downtown taking the train to NRG statdium and of course next to some Sooners. The train opens it’s doors and what’s happening - “Whose House - Coogs House” chants all over the place. Very proud of the fans and it was stunning to see the looks on the Sooners getting on the train.

  2. Waiting to get into the stadium and seeing the HUGE throngs of Coogs surrounding Sooners and the chant "whose House - Coogs house three times with the last the elongated COOOOOGGGGG HOOOUUUSSEEE.

  3. The rather obscene chant of F*** OU shouted three times in succession and repeated constantly as we were entering the gates. I was a little stunned so I asked on of the guys shouting it and he states “FSU was doing that to us at the Peach Bowl” So we picked it up. Sooner fans were aghast and a bit intimidated. Not saying I approve but it was entertaining.

  4. We get to our seats on the SOONER side of the 50 yard line near section 106. We are late, OU has scored and we are just starting our drive for a field goal. Everyone around us is a Sooner. We get to our seats and I see a three guys in White and REd that are not of our UH designs. I glance and see OU on a shirt. We watch the game and we score 2 field goals and make it 10-6. When we drove and made it 13-10, I get up and scream YEAH BABY YEAH and flashing the Coog sign. The guy next to me starts flashing the COOG sign. I think, what kind of OU fan is this? Turns out I missed the OSU or Ohio State University because all three were high fiving me for our touchdown. The guy turns to me and says “We love Tom Herman”. You guys are lucky to have him.

  5. The screens introduce Mayor Turner and he gets a very nice applause as he flashes the Coog sign. Then Dr. Khator comes to the screen. A huge applause and noise ensues for our Rock Star President. I look around and tell everyone “She is the hottest President of any University on the Planet”. They all agreed.

  6. The look of stunned defeat and finally acceptance that UH was going to beat OU. The sooners were simply shocked with disbelief. When they started to get up in the middle of the 4th quarter and leave, I wanted to take a picture. I forgot my phone.

  7. On the way back to the hotel in downtown Houston where many of the OU fans were returning too. The silence on the train was just a wonderful site to treasure and behold. Shell shocked folks is the best I can describe it.

  8. Forgot to mention, I had been reading on the OU boards how we bring only 18,000 fans to our games. They were stunned at COOG NATION. What a great time to glory in the COOGS. Still high and loving it.
    GO COOGS. 1-0


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