OSU’s QB starts big petition to get B1G to let them play

Looks as though players aren’t really with the Presidents and B1G Commish!


Hmmm, Players wanted a bunch of safety measures (which were probably going to be implemented anyway) plus a chance to sue for liability. So the conference cancels for player safety, and they are not happy. Go figure. I hope the Big 10 holds to their stance.

It’s that “chance to sue for liability” that sealed their fate. In this litigious age we live in, the contstant threat of law suits and sympathetic juries have altered our society.

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Wow! 175K signatures is great in a short period of time. Love the make it happen mind set of the players and it appears they have the support of their coaches.

Can you imagine if the fall season happens and the Big 10 players don’t get to play?

Fields is going pro regardless - he’s just wasting breath. Put the 4th string undersized wideout a an the face of the cause

If you want to support the B1G student atheletes by signing their petition you can go to it right here. They were almost at 219K when I signed it this morning.

I’d rather sign a petition to not restart Big Ten. I am looking forward to if there is a season (which I still doubt) it will be just like 4 conferences or so. I think that would be good for UH in the long run. #chaosisaladder

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I’m with fiveten. I won’t sign the petition to get them back.

The players put forth a list of demands which were mostly reasonable for safety. But then they throw in no waiver so they can still sue if the teams do all reasonable safety precautions. Plus the redshirt for missing 1 game only.

I consider this a learning opportunity. They need to think about their demands and how viable they are in todays lawsuit crazy society. They left the schools with no financially viable option without the waiver. Just a few lawsuits by players with NFL potential and that could eat up all season revenue, thus not worth the risk.

Players got what they wanted - protection from catching Covid while playing. Instead they want their cake and get to eat it too.

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