OT: Aggy delusionally reaches out to Dan Campbell

This man is a miracle worker on the verge of taking the freaking Lions to the Super Bowl. I get the sentiment but come on now.


As in sales, you have to get a “no” but you have to ask to get one.


Did not hurt to ask. Was an automatic no if they did not ask.

The aggies could match his salary, but when you are this close to the Super Bowl, it is hard to go down to college.

I’m told 5 guys bought out Jimbo

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They will get him and he will go 6-5.


No matter who they hire, his career is over. A&M is the place where careers and reputations go to die. Vince Lombardi would struggle to be more than a .500 coach in Aggie Land. I think it may be the amount of lead in the water, presence of radon, experimental insecticides improperly handled, milk from cows that were spooked or bad juju.

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I’m always mystified when they buy someone out and then appear to have nobody on deck to hire. For all that money being spent you’d think they would want a sure thing ‘better coach’.

Cite a positive about Dana, at least they won’t be ‘stealing’ him.

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that’s a lot of burgers and fries. like, 3 uber eats orders’ worth.

How is delusional to reach out to a decorated alumn?

Not to mention, DC is pretty well thought of in the ranks of the 12th Man Foundation.

Family member worked for Rudder & Zachary families for many many years. The 12th Man Foundation, is one of the largest corporations in the state of Texas by revenue size that happens to operate under a 501c3 umbrella.

The Association of Former Students is like 10x the size of UH’s.

Aggies aren’t delusional by any means for reaching out to a decorated alumni. If DC wasn’t have such an amazing run- who knows what he’d do!?!? :man_shrugging:

It’s this one for sure. May have built that campus on an ancient Natve American burial ground.

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What’s hilarious to me is that so many people think A&M is a plum job. A coach would be nuts to leave a place like Oregon for A&M. In fact, I think half the P5 jobs out there are better than A&M. I mean, first of all you have to live in College Station, in that oppressive environment. Second, you’re in the SEC and aren’t going to get far beating your head against that wall. I think it’s kind of amazing that the Aggies have the success they do; there’s no “magic pill” coach that’s going to go there and turn them into Alabama.


Bryan College station is actually a great place to raise a family! My father raised us there and we have a ton of Aggies in our family! A Ton!!

First and foremost it’s not flat! It’s in the brazos valley and it’s not nearly as humid as south side Houston! :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The economy in Bryan college station continues to expand slowly and it’s not totally reliant on Tamu anymore!

There are exceptional neighborhoods, churches, golf courses, country clubs, and arts and entertainment industry is growing.

Having said all that, there is no way in hell I’d leave Eugene Oregon for Bryan college station under any circumstance!!!

:paw_prints: :paw_prints: GO COOGS!


Careers may not survive at A&M, but they retire in the Top 1% of personal net worth.

What makes UT and A&M undesirable to a lot of coaches is the unrealistic expectations of the administration, BMDs and fan base. If your not in the top 10 in recruiting, you are a bad recruiter. If you don’t win your conference, you had a bad season. Same with a bowl game. And you better win your game against your rival, otherwise the whole season is shot. Not too many coaches can live up to that pressure. Not many coaches want to.

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Those that accept the lucrative offers from UT and A&M know the expectations and risks, and they know that the consolidation is this…when they are fired, they are set for life.

A&M is the #1 job in the country. They’re paying Jimbo 70 million to sit on the couch! Lol


I screwed up I should have went into coaching🥺

Those five paid the $19M or so needed this year?