OT: Astros fire AJ Hinch and Jeff

After one year suspension ruling.

Sounds like a good day for the Texans to fire their general manager/coach, too.


What’s weird is what I just read is that neither of them were involved, but they were suspended anyway??? Am I missing something or maybe the article wasn’t written well?

What I read Hinch knew about it, and somewhat tried to stop it, but ultimately let it happen.

Leaders of Organization, Company are first to go then lower level employees are dealt with. They can’t get rid of more than 20+ players who supposedly were who started it along w Bench Coach Alex (I’m next) Cora. All in the 9 pg report released today by Commish Manfred!!

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Btw how did this thread make it in Football site. :thinking:

Lunhow ins’t even in that damn clubhouse or dugout.

Also, the original cheating w Apple watches that engendered the memo of future harsh punishment was done by Boston in 2017 and also the Yankees. Then Boston cheated in 2018. So if they are fair, Boston should end up with harsher punishments. Let’s see if that actually happens


Yep, we agree on that. During the investigation it came out that he was aware of things going on but put it to the side and didn’t do anything to stop it. Mr Crane gets to make his own decisions, he prob wanted to start over with clean slate or otherwise all this resurfaces when Luhnow/Hinch came back in 2021. All in all probably best for everyone to move on. This lets Crane hire who he wants instaed of temp GM, MGR who just filling in for 1 yr…not good imo.

I think Cora is going get 1 yr ban as well. Just have finish investigation for RedSox 2018 cheating. But he in trouble.

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It will forever be known as trash-can-gate …

As I stated in the baseball board … more coaches will probably be given “the axe” … so Austin Pruitt the UH ex will probably be stuck in AAA for awhile … AAA for the Stros not TB …

no minor league options left!

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Well 2019 will go down as one of the worst in Houston sports…first the joke that was last night, now this.

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we in 2020 though last I checked ! :upside_down_face: :wink:

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Yeah, this so-called “cheating” has given the Astros such an advantage that it explains why the Astros lost all of their home games in the World Series against the Nats!

Personally, I think the only reason the media and the league make such a big deal out of it is because they can’t stand the fact that the Astros stand in the way of their beloved east-coast team (Yankees) and west-coast team (Dodgers) from winning another World Series!


penalties and investigation centered on 2017 season and part of 2018 only.

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Not to mention win three straight IN Yankee stadium. With all of this, I think Bregman needs to come into Spring Training and address the team like this:

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bonds, mcgwire, sosa, juice balls and mlb hammers the Astros?
mlb has conveniently swept under the rug all of the “inconveniences” They did so because it saved a sport from extinction. They are pretending to teach everyone a lesson. They remind me of the ncaa.
To this day we do not have a “real” World Series Champion" for this doping period.
All mlb Teams do it in one form or another. I won’t excuse the Astros for doing it. The sport in itself invites it.
Yes, this should not be in the football section.


So now who manages the AL in the 2020 all star game?

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The Commish or maybe he will let Pete Rose do it. I’m trying to make light of terrible day for Houston Astros org. Went to my first game in 1967, been diehard since then. Have to move on.

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