OT: Bad news in Lubbock

How many bad college basketball stories have happened this season?

*New Mexico St, Texas, Alabama, now this

He gone.

They trying to get Beard back after a disappointing season?


Whatever. I can understand, what hes meaning

Yielding to authority.

But, in today’s world, must be careful with words


Beard will be back.

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Sampson to Lubbock

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Um, Tech is nowhere near the other three in terms of how bad.


He had many other quotes he could have used instead of that one to instill respecting authority.

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You have to @ him

The biblical verse was about a different time and different circumstances. In those days slaves had a choice to be free or stay a slave after seven years. One would think he would know better than push that hot button; surely he could have thought of something more appropriate and less offensive. I don’t think a white guy would like being compared to a slave either.


Given his own personal life, he’d just be better off not trying to use the Bible as a hammer.

This seems like a school trying to squeeze out of it’s financial commitment to the coach when firing him. Unfortunate.


I thought he was the next super coach?

Mike made the relevant biblical points above, Only thing I would add: Slavery in the Roman workd was not racially based, But as Mike said. A coach needs to understand how such analogies read to today’s young men.


Dear Mark- the next time you feel like quoting the Bible, take my advice and just bring a gun to your buddy at 2am. Nothing will happen to you.


Why would they choose to remain that way?

Back then Masters were required to take care of their slaves and treat them with respect. In some cases slavery was better because it ensured they had a place to live, food to eat, and security.

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Texas Tech trying to fire a coach and then not pay him?

They would never do that… Ever.

Looks around nervously


Ha ha facts!