OT but not really: NLRB Determines Dartmouth Basketball Players (and Most College Athletes) Are Employees, Can Unionize


God bless.

Joe Hill has a smile on his face for college athletes tonight. They might have framed you on a murder charge but at least tonight you are not dead.



That ain’t even scholarship athletics.

They are employees.

Someone below that said Dartmouth will appeal it. How credible is that post? I don’t know.

It almost certainly will be appealed.

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Posted just moments after your reply to my post…

What “compensation” do they receive, and who pays it? They don’t receive scholarships.

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That’s why this ruling is so ridiculous.

They aren’t getting athletic scholarship money, and likely aren’t getting NIL dollars either.

In other words, no one is paying them to play.

That’s why it’s stupid to call them “employees.”

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Stevie Wonder could see this coming! It’s the future for paid college athletes.


I’m not understanding why they are wanting to unionize?

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Nor I.

I think the same determination was made for Northwestern players a couple years ago. The players chose not to unionize.

2 bad games and they could be fired? Portal on steroids!

This is not the old days when there was no reason to organize now they got real money to protect.

This is not about room, board and tuition anymore.

The Dartmouth players don’t.

I’m kind of wondering if the NLRB is trying to force Congress to do something about this by creating some kind of statutory exemption. Not that they don’t have more important stuff to do, but this issue isn’t going away, otherwise.

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See that’s different though.

Those NW players get paid through athletic scholarship money and NIL.

A far stronger case can be made that they are employees.

But non-scholarship Ivy League players?

Come on now.

As I said, no one is paying them to play.

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Come on now what?

I simply stated that this was done before and turned down by players. I did not say anything about for or against this new issue.

Would those BB or FB players get into Dartmouth if they couldn’t play.

True there are no athletic scholarships at those schools but the AD walks those applications right in to admissions.

So there is an exchange and that makes them labor.

Can we stop the “student athlete” horsecrap now? Now college athletics is REALLY in trouble…