OT: College of Technology merges into College of Engineering

For real?

Damn. All my thumb typing was for nothing.

There was a segment in the 5pm news this week about something moving to Sugarland. I thouhht it was engineering since the hubbub was that technology and engineering were going to merge.

Merge the boards! Not the colleges.


Long time since iI went to College of Technology but it seems it sits ion a place where if removed along with some other facilities might make way for something good. Didn’t they do away with the Satellite Student Center?

Any news on any other facilities like Music/Fine Arts?

Being rebuild into a modernized version above ground.

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Literally nothing about this is accurate.


I’m not an engineer, nor a technology grad, although my one operations and performance management class I took as an elective was more interesting than all my classes at Bauer, except for entrepreneurship.

Why not merge technology and engineering ?

My son is choosing to be an industrial engineering major which, at UH, is two separate schools.

I would think combining the resources would propel both colleges higher.

According to the technology website, technology is now a division of engineering.

Not being an engineer, nor in technology, I don’t know how the internals work. But, from a step back, this seems like it’s long overdue in order to pool resources and compete against engineering schools that offer engineering degrees in what uh considered technology.

It is.

As we discussed elsewhere, it’s no longer a separate college, but rather, a Division within the Engineering College.

The coursework for those technology majors, as we’ve said, has moved out to the Sugarland Campus though, which is a bit unfortunate, because that means that roughly 5000+ undergraduates are now disengaged from the main campus.

Ah, got it. That point was lost on me during he thread. I did remember some students being shifted to sugar land, which is a shame for them, plus for the central campus.

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This is basically disenfranchising one of the largest colleges on campus. I think it is a mistake.

Does anyone know or have updated photos of the new Satellite construction?
EDIT: More Web Cameras - University of Houston

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Yes, and more importantly, for big research universities, “microchips” or really, anything tech related, bring in a lot more money.