OT: Coppin St. Forgets Jerseys



Was this the team I heard flew in for an away game, bus was unable/unavailable to take them to the campus so they Ubered to campus and then played the game. If so, they easily could have overlooked game shirts.

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They should’ve gone playground style…shirts and skins.


I seem to recall the Coogs wearing the home team’s away jerseys after forgetting theirs in the late 80s/early 90s. I think it was at Notre Dame.

This might be good for one of those Southwest Airlines “Wanna get Away” commercials.

Coach comes in and tells the equipment person to hand out the jerseys. Equpment guy reaches into an equipment bag and there’s his laundry or his groceries or something like that–but no jersies.


That was ucla on Saturday.

It was at Notre Dame during Pat Foster’s regime. Sharon and I were there. The airline baggage was delayed and we had to play the first half in the Notre Dame practice jerseys. Some of the young fans got confused during warmups and asked our players for autographs. Our jerseys arrived at half time. We lost the game. Just one of my many stories!