OT..Crazy High School play

If you have access to the Athletic check out this play. The centerfielder puts out the hitter unassisted…at home plate. It’s probably also all over Twitter and elsewhere.


CF, 2B and SS converge on the fly ball.

It drops for a SGL. No one covers 2B.

3B abandons his position and ends up between 2B and 3B. No man’s land.

C is late to cover 3B.

P and 1B standing around and not covering any base.

The hero was the fast CF to run down the base runner before he touches home plate, but the base runner should get credit for his heads up play to run for home.

One of the most interesting baseball plays I’ve ever seen. Should be nominated for an ESPY award.

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Great individual play by CF but horrible, undisciplined baseball by the rest of the entire team.


Wow the CF didn’t trust his teammates with the ball. He had the wheels to run him down or it would’ve been stupid.

Trust what? His teammates didn’t cover 2b, 3b or home plate. If I’m the manager, the next practice is dedicated to fielding only.


Yeah, I don’t know where that’s at but none of them knew what the he// they were doing….

I helped coach my son until he was 13 and we were running double cuts when they were 10-11 years old.
On a ball in playing if you’re standing still your not doing your job.


True. Catcher ran up to third but was passed up. Talk about Bad News Bears.

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When you have all fielders in motion, especially at the high school level, the odds of a decent throw go way down. Way too many players ad-libbing. If that’s a word. .