OT: Currently downtown

Was in the middle of the commute home from the office And HPD is out in FULL FORCE. All of the Final Four participants have arrived.


Could have been us.


Speak for yourself. I didn’t want to be in that traffic.

Oh wait, that’s not what you meant?


every single one of my friends (who clearly dont follow college basketball) who just this week found out the final 4 was in Houston have all been “man, that would have been cool if UH made it to the final 4 hu???”

the worst…


You obviously weren’t talking about the Cougars to your friends.

Womp womp


You wouldn’t believe the dumb stuff i listen to at work.

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i imagine the bars dowtown are also very blah on that news. they were likely hoping the coogs or texas would be there to have swarms of people. i mean really, how many are heading out to see and be seen to watch san diego state.

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Yes, but whats sad is those teams are all really good. I can’t believe Miami folks aren’t overrunning this town.

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miami will represent but it will not be anywhere near what the coogs or texas would be doing for the local nightlife.

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I was offered free tickets to the final 4 through work (vendor) and I declined.

I’ll probably watch on TV but honestly have no interest in it anymore.

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Miami is at the hotel across the street from my work. FAU is one block over.

Both hotels are really quiet. No fans, no juice, nada.


four seasons and embassy suites?

Holiday Inn Express or Super 8, maybe.

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Tru by Hilton

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Hyatt Regency and C Baldwin.

That’s one reason I love the Raleigh area… EVERYBODY loves college basketball around here…

And the pickup games around here are awesome!

I run full-court games 2 hours a day at least 3 days a week.

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you don’t like synergy? Lively urban atmospheres?

I was joking.