OT: EA College Football Game Returning 2024


Noooo!!! It was supposed to be 2023. I got a hold of a PS5 for this. Sigh.

I read that each school will have unique traditions. So we prob get the student version of womp womp


They want to give the FULL experience. So I’m not surprised theyre gonna hold back a year.

I would rather wait and have a polished game with all the bells and whistles than a glitch filled mess or a half-assed experience in a few months.


Maybe Carl Lewis running down the field pointing at words to chant???

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“Every team is somebody’s favorite team, as we like to say. And so we’ve gotta make sure that that’s coming through.”

So they’re saying there’s a chance for Womp Womp to be in the game? :thinking:

That is a must and maybe even a Big Hawk diving for the kicking tee

My top 5 Coog traditions to be included:

  1. Womp Womp
  2. Big Hawk
  3. 5pm Kickoffs in September
  4. Fans in the concourse instead of seats
  5. Red Bull cans littered on sideline

Security guards tackling students when they rush the field.


And we need fan voiceovers of home fans telling other home fans to sit down on defense


Hopefully they do it right, animation based games are on the way out, hardcore physics based animations are in

Doubt they will use a different engine than Madden but a physics based football game would stand out.
Sounds like Dynasty mode is the priority.

After a few years in Dynasty mode I can recruit all 4 and 5 star athletes at UH!


It’s gonna be trash

Madden has been trash for at least a decade now.

College football game will get hyped up, but it will be a let down when all said and done

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For me it’s trash because I don’t care about NFL. The fact that I’ll be playing as the Coogs, in my stadium, hearing my home field chants/cheers is why I’m going to enjoy it.


They probably won’t be able to secure rights for every stadium

If you are talking about gameplay, I don’t even care. An updated dynasty mode is well worth the purchase for me.


Some ideas for EA dynasty mode:

  1. if you go 8-4 Renu pops up on the screen to personally fire you
  2. recruit stars go from 3 to 5 once Texas shows interest and offers
  3. multiple 10 win seasons mean no blue bloods will schedule you anymore
  4. live cougar on sidelines; stalks Peruna when you play SMU
  5. F15 flyover

Hope they add the “Stick THAT in your pipe and SMOKE IT!” to the narrators’ phrases.


Jokes aside, I would like two things:

  1. an athletic director mode where you have to manage coaches salaries and NIL
  2. ability to expand or remodel your stadium.

Yes I still play 2013. My wife says I need to seek help.


Good thing Dana is gonna go 9-4 :slight_smile:

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