OT: Fact about Bryce Johnson of the SF Giants

I went to elementary school with this kid. Our PE class in second grade had some kind of special after-school track race and he beat me. I got second place, he got first. Hated him ever since. This was like idk 2002 or 2003 I can’t remember.

He played baseball and football at Cy Ranch → baseball at Sam Houston.

He’s now in the majors




This definitely needed its own thread….thank you for bringing it to our attention. :ok_hand:

Hey I still hate ‘em

I still have the second place trophy in my closet lol

He was all everything at SAM. Being I live in Cypress n went to SHSU, Ive seen him play several times in person. Those CyRanch teams were loaded :flushed:. Now they have to share w Bridgelands H.S. somewhat. Hoping the best for him. He could rake at SAM, like no other.


Kid is a speedster for his height