OT: Former Coog that went to Texas State under Tom Herman is now coaching at UTSA

Chances we can probably get home and home again? Barrick Nealy had a connection with UH under Dimel. Transferred over to Texas State back when it was FCS (Under Tom Herman!). Skipped senior year and got drafted into NFL, then into CFL. Stopped doing it, went and coached at San Marcos Academy as well as San Marcos High School. Helped bring SMA to win 2015 state championship. Later on, got hired as a coach at UTEP (under Dimel). Is now at UTSA!



Article talking about Herman + Nealy in some short span. We should probably shoot for a non-conference game in 2025.

Their 2020 OOC features USF and UTEP

Nearly bailed on us when we hired Briles and before Kolb committed. I remember how dark it was back then thinking how much of a blow it would be when he transferred out.

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He was also the quarterback that got us a win after the disastrous 01 season.

He was also the quarterback in my psychology class that never showed up. Haha.


Trying to understand how Nealy would have any bearing, influence on UH/UTSA playing again in near future. Based on his low level position in FB Program, plus he left UH, just trying to make the connection. :thinking:. Those decisions are made at the AD level.

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He doesn’t

That is all Spav & Dana

I know he doesn’t that’s why I pointed it out. Was hoping poster would explain how Nealy at UTSA would be involved in future scheduling.
Answer - 0.

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People forget that Nealy was the subject of tampering charges by Clancy Barone and Manny Matsakis. Barone ended up in the NFL because of it. Matsakis survived but was fired later for fooling around with coeds

That Rice game was amazing. After the Nic Eddy experiment watching him rush for almost 100 yards and throw the ball was mind blowing. He blew his knee if i remember as well about 4 or 5 games in.


Smart move for Barrick. Dimel is 2-22 after 2 seasons. He’s probably pretty close to getting canned. The UTSA guy just got hired so will likely get at least three years.

Normally post about this guy because I/other member follow him personally since he coached at our high school and turned us from 1-9 to state champs over three years as QB coach.

He also worked in the dorms since it was a boarding school.

He was a good QB for us, it’s just Briles had his heart on Kolb and Barrick saw the writing on the wall. In the end it worked out well for both parties I’d say. Like previously mentioned, his debut vs rice was really special.

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