OT: Gary Patterson joins Baylor as consultant

Baylor to add Gary Patterson as Senior Level Strategic Consultant | SicEm365

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so glad we didn’t hire that guy.

Would have been CDH part 2.

Yes he was a really great coach but I’m not sure if he wants to do the amount of work needed for this job.

Fritz does and has hit the ground running!


So close to being HC again

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Did we even offer him the job? I’m more than positive that Fritz was always the top target.

I don’t think Gary was in a position of accepting or denying the job as if it was in his ballpark

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.500 or less, Aranda is a goner


I’m with you in that 100% he was never offered. Interviewed sure I believe that, but Fritz was the target the whole time Odom or Patterson would’ve been either smoke screens or back up plans.

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You are correct .I really doubt he has the work ethic to do what has been done with the new coach.

In a year or 2 he may be Baylor’s HC…has said he wants to get back into it…if Aranda has another bad year, Bears will make a change…

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I have a feeling that Baylor is really going to struggle in a Post NIL environment.

Small religious school in a small market with limited marketing opportunities.

None of the big cities, in the Texas triangle, are going to market Baylor players as mart of their metro.

I actually think the opposite….i think he is a sly dog who is putting himself in a position to become head coach if Aranda does not succeed this year.

I don’t think anyone here can say he doesn’t have the “work ethic “ to do a good job some where as a head coach.

We had undeniable proof that was the case with Dana, but where on earth is there anything suggesting GP does not have a good work ethic?

I don’t think his overall results as a coach suggest that at all.

Just what Dave Aranda needs…to be looking over his shoulder.

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Odd addition. A defense guy helping a defense guy.


So his consulting will be so bad that Baylor fires Aranda but believe GP should be head coach. Not usually how to get a HC gig by being apart of a losing program

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GP gonna be a headache for Baylor. Cant imagine what that staff meeting looks like for Aranda.


Baylor putting their coach in place when Aranda starts out 1-4

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Exactly…this wasn’t an Aranda move… it was an AD/BOR move and a desperate one at that.

So glad we are seeing the downfall of Baylor in this new post NIL environment

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One aspect of the Patterson hire to Baylor is that Patterson is monetizing the information he learned while he was Special Assistant to UT Head Coach Steve Sarkisian. According to Burnt Orange Nation, Patterson was involved at UT with how the following were handled:

  • Recruiting;
  • NIL;
  • Practice and game day preparation;
  • Video and statistical analysis;
  • Scouting, both UT and opponents; and
  • Defensive strategy.

It will be interesting to see if Baylor makes a big improvement with Patterson as a consultant, both on and off the field.

If BU loses to UH will they fire Aranda?

GP is trying to complete his set of Big 12 coach visors and golf shirts.

Collect all of them and get free gas for a year.


He just wants to be “involved in College Football” without actually having to do the work for a Head Coach.

The fact he SCHEDULED a Safari int he middle of Coaching Hire Season tells me he subconsiously did NOT want to be a Head Coach…too much work!

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