OT: Grand Canyon and Seattle joining the WCC

Seattle, where former Coog, Cam Tyson played for 3 seasons.

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Also: Missouri State is joining Conference USA


From that article.
“Regardless, there is no momentum for Gonzaga to the Big 12 as things currently stand, according to sources.”
WCC looking salty w 'Zags sticking it out and Wazzou & OR State joining.

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I had to look into Seattle’s history because I asked myself how in the world were they not in the WCC already? It’s a natural fit but I learned that they were before and voluntarily dropped from NCAA to NAIA in the 80s.

Last time UH played Missouri State was with Tom Penders in the 2006 NIT :thinking:

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They are only a Southern Miss or Arkansas State away from geographic contiguousness.

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I posted this on the other thread but none of this makes sense IF the networks are trying to cut costs:

How are more schools able to join the big $$$ leagues when media deals are diminishing and the schools + donors are asked to pick up the bill,

I know I differ with many on here, but the huge post UT/OU realignment merry-go-round (all FBS levels) has led to MORE Power Schools and MORE FBS schools than before.

I thought the networks were trying to control their costs NOT increase them.

Houston goes from AAC $$ to Big 12 $$ which opens a door for RICE to go to AAC $$ from CUSA $$ which opens a door for Sam Houston to go to CUSA $$ from FCS $$.

On the flip side, the “we are running out of money” Networks promoted FIVE G5 schools to Power $$ (UH, UC, BYU, UCF , SMU) while only demoting TWO to G5 $$ (WSU, OSU).

How does this make sense, from a cost cutting standpoint?

The people funding the sports have a healthy revenue stream and profit ?

$16 billion

According to a new SEC filing, ESPN generated more than $16 billion in revenue and $2.9 billion in operating profit in Disney’s fiscal year 2022, which ended on Oct. 1, 2022. The bulk of that revenue and profit came from its domestic business at $14.6 billion and $2.81 billion, respectively.Oct 19, 2023

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I was about to say, i don’t think there are any original members?? :thinking:

Wouldn’t they also need a Maryland school?

Not sure. I think Virginia borders Delaware on the Delmarva peninsula.

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