OT: Haley Van Voorhis is the first woman to play in a college football game in a positon other than Kicker

Intergender softball, like adults play?
What’s next, female police. Can you imagine the drama.
Are males going to start baking?
Design clothes?
Can’t genders just stay in their lane


Again the difference here is there is no women’s team. In the case that a guy couldn’t make it on the men’s team, he shouldn’t get the chance to try for a women’s team of the same sport. Maybe go to another school, or try a different sport as you suggested.

If a guy wants to be on the swim team, he’s going to go to a school that has a men’s swim team. She has no other school to go to with a women’s football team. Football is very likely the only sport that does not have women’s teams in NCAA.


Eh… softball and baseball are similar enough that he could try out for baseball. There is no equivalent women’s sport to football. I’m lost on what his sexuality has to do with this scenario. Are non-heterosexuals not allowed on men’s teams? Why is that relevant?

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No, I’m talking about college sports here and just sports in general not jobs like the police force or nursing etc.

What if a guy wants to go to Alabama and decides ok I want to try out for women’s softball then sues bc of discrimination if he’s good enough to make that team. Eventually it’s going that way per precedent.

For regular jobs I’m ok with whatever people do or can get regardless of gender.

The teams say women’s softball and men’s basketball.

The police force doesn’t say men’s police force so it’s a diff animal.

Maybe she loves playing football. She knows her role is limited. When guys do this and are willing to be on the bench or bottom of the depth chart just to be part of it all we admire them. This has nothing to do with trans athletes. If she’s taking a spot, she earned it. And certainly, isn’t taking the spot of the next Richard Sherman.

Good for her. Like all of you that may have had a sniff of playing football in HS or college, she’ll have the memories and friendships for a lifetime.


Guys can try out but watch the s… storm when they do bc it’s already a s… storm with trans on girls swim teams by guess who? Women. I’m just for fair play longterm bc eventually what I say will happen then you etc will hate it along with women.

Not a single person here has said biological men should compete directly against women. Give the lady her due, she’s done something exceptional.


What about the memories of a trans swimmer winning that gold medal over biological women and that drama. Women are generally against this so it all reeks of unfair play.

I can’t wait for the first guy to sue for a scholarship to Bama or take a girl’s spot and the unneeded drama.

I’m less against trans bc they are at least more female so I’m not against them but making a point on drama and how women don’t like it

Fair play on all fronts going forward is what I want.

So your ok if 5 guys make the softball team and locker issues if your daughter was there or they took her spot on bama’s team then she couldn’t go there?

The girl took a spot which is the point

I see this issue with a girl on the football team pretty simply as I’ve stated in previous posts. The issue of trans I find much more complex and I don’t know the right answer there.

However, if this girl came out as trans, would you then be ok with her playing on the football team?

Why are you conflating these issues? She made a men’s football team despite her physical disadvantages, which everyone seems to acknowledge. I’ve run a few marathons. Men and women run together. I’ve gotten totally smoked by the women who were simply better runners.

The prizes are awarded according to gender to make the competition fair, but unless you are elite, the differences may not be so vast at the middle of that bell curve. And you hackers wanna bet mortgage money playing against an LPGA tour member? Just simmer down. You are worrying about nothing.


If she became male with surgery and identifies as male then yes.

It’s still strange but yes

At least you admit your opinion is strange


Good for her. Let’s see how this plays out.

Structurally a woman’s ligaments and tendons are less strong than men’s, including around the spine and neck. I think at the college level its too dangerous for women.

Good point then we have to tip toe around not blocking her as much as we would a guy. She hit the qb after the whistle blew and no late hit call and the qb just laughed it off.

No one wants to be the guy that seriously hurts her.

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Its just the amount of force a male can deliver without worrying about tearing a tendon off the bone. Men were made to break down cave doors and wrestle alligators.


I will say she is stretching the story a smidge when she talks about “what women can do” which apparently is come in on one play while up 26-0 in a D3 game.

All of this amounts to… Not much, at all, or really anything. Way too much being made of this by everyone.

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Shes basically a scout team player in d3 football

It has been repeatedly now shown that there is an increase in risk in ACL injuries in the few days leading up to ovulation,” Gardner said. Anatomy plays a role too, she said. Women typically have wider pelvises than men and more flexibility in their hips and knees. That puts more stress on the knee.

Women have it so easy

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