OT: Haley Van Voorhis is the first woman to play in a college football game in a positon other than Kicker


And somehow civilization didn’t come to an end.

Good message about sports by her


P.T. Barnum would be proud.


Hope she gets trucked



I’m sure it’s happened before, she’s played football all her life. It’s not some publicity stunt.

Article mentions she was honorable mention all-state football player in high school.


Some very revealing statements.


Kathy Ireland supports this


I’m against it for several reasons. She could get seriously hurt, locker room issues and she took a guy’s spot on the team. They have women’s sports and men’s sports. What’s gonna happen when a guy tries out for women’s softball or volleyball? There would be a s ., storm bc he took a spot from a girl.

Really no need for the drama unless it’s fair play letting guys go on all girls teams.

I have a daughter so I’m not being biased but I’m for fair play. There are already women upset with a trans from guy to girl playing on women’s teams and women are against it so where’s the out cry here. She did take a guy’s spot on the team and it’s just drama which isn’t needed. So if I’m a guy on the opposing team or in practice against her, I wouldn’t want to hurt her.

Not needed


Good for her… I’m also not sure that I care all that much about D3


So could anyone on the team or if she was on the soccer team.

Also who’s to say she didn’t earn the spot?


Now everyone wants to date her.

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So your ok if a guy earns a spot on women’s volleyball or softball. She did earn a spot but it did take a guy’s spot. You have to watch where this is going bc I assure you eventually guys are going to try out for women’s sports taking a girl’s spot. Women again are already against trans women’s taking spots on girls teams.


Is there a woman’s football team for her to play on?


She earned it hopefully. But more than likely it is a publicity stunt. If she plays the rest of thebyear then that is good, but if it is one of those Vanderbilt kicker experiences it is a shame.

Also, what would the response be for men trying out for say a spot on a swim team?

They have other sports teams like soccer she can try for etc. it’s just drama

Again are you ok with a guy taking a girl’s spot on a women’s team in a hypothetical world. Be honest.

Then guys have to try and not hurt her , locker room issues.

Ok you ok with a guy in the women’s locker with the issues?

I’m for fair play vs the drama bs issues

Ok why do women hate when a trans guy is on the women’s swim team competing with biological women?

The difference with this is there is no women’s football team. Why shouldn’t she be able to play the sport she wants to play? She has no other options to play football, no other schools have a women’s team.

Also hadn’t read that there is any drama about her playing at the school. The only drama is in this thread.


So are you ok with a guy on the women’s swim team etc. Your point is it’s the only option for her but the argument can be made the same for a guy saying well I can’t make the men’s team so I’m trying out for the women’s team then you along with women would go crazy bc it’s already happening with just trans guys on women’s teams. So your argument doesn’t hold up.

You have to worry over the legal precedent of where this goes.

You could also have a non heterosexual guy that is fully male trying out for women’s softball taking a spot.

Your ok with that precedent?