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It is tough being a Rockets fan and I am one. Being just good enough to see the top but never quite getting there is starting to wear on me. We have a history of GREAT players and GOOD teams. Except for Clutch City we have a history of watching legendary players not bring home the hardware. Moses, Murphy, Sampson, Rudy T, Steve Francis, Charles Barkley, Yao Ming, Tracey McGrady. The list goes on.

I don’t blame management because the Rockets historically have tried very hard to win. I blame the basketball Gods and I intend to sacrifice a virgin to appease them. Given that I have never read that the virgin has to be a woman, I think I will sacrifice a Texas A&M Corp Turd. Those guys have no hope of being anything other than a virgin.


There are 30 NBA teams - its hard to win it all. An average team would expect to win it all about every 30-35 years.

Tell the Spurs that.


An average team should expect to win it all…Never!

How to win a championship.

  1. Make the playoffs if there is one.
  2. Be on top of your game when it really matters.
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NBA - WWE version of a major sports league

NHL - Chuck Norris version of a major sports league


Give me the Stanley Cup playoffs all day and twice on Sunday over the NBA playoffs.

When I watch a hockey playoff game, I don’t know in advance who’s going to win.


Golden State is wearing on me, like the Lakers, Celtics and Bulls before them…I am a huge Rockets fan.


Me too.

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Same. I think the Rockets best hope is a GS free agency exodus. Despite how these first two games have gone, I do think the Rockets are clearly the 2nd best team in the league by a good measure. If they play a clean series they have the best shot at beating the Warriors, but I’d take some help at this point.


The only reason I ever watch the NBA is to watch the Rockets. I’m a lifelong Houstonian and even though I know it’s going to be extremely frustrating, I continue watching the Rockets because I feel compelled to. But I agree with @wewantyoursoul. The NBA seems to care more about drama and acting than actual basketball. It barely even resembles real basketball these days. Can’t wait for Cougar basketball to start back up again


I second that.

The NHL truly has the best playoffs of ANY of the major professional sports leagues in the USA.

It’s the one league where even an eighth seed can win it all, and has in the past. It’s the only league where the team with the best regular season record wins it all only a small percentage of the time (only about 25% of the time, historically).

It is dang near impossible to predict how the Stanley Cup will turn out. Hell, my Washington Capitals won it all last year, and they were eliminated in the first round this year. The Tampa Bay Lightning were this year’s #1 seed and had the best record in the NHL, tying a NHL record with 62 regular season wins. They were likewise eliminated in the First Round, being swept out four games to none by an eight seed.

In the NBA, by contrast, no seven or eight seed has EVER won a title, and only one sixth seed has (the Rockets in 1995).

In any given NBA season, I’m guessing that just about all of us could name five teams that we think will win it all at the start of the season, and I’m guessing that most us would be right on at least one of those five. I’m guessing that we would be all pretty much be right on at least one of the five if we made the same prediction at the start of the playoffs.

NOT true in the NHL.


I do wish that Houston had an NHL team.

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Nashville have OUR tesm…

I think he meant to say, “on average” not "an average

I think I saw you go through the 5 stages of grief last night on Twitter. Which was pretty impressive since it was only game 2 of the series.

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I love the Rockets, but it’s tough being a fan of them right now due to Golden State. They’re the ever-looming specter over the NBA right now until, hopefully, KD leaves next season. If he doesn’t, life, for all other teams, will continue to suck.

I give the Rockets credit, though, as they’re the only ones in the West that seem to truly want to challenge the Warriors now on the court and in the media. Probably won’t beat them, but won’t roll over for them either.

Hopefully, some outside of Houston will look back and give this team some credit. Of course, hopefully KD goes to New York and the Rockets can break through next season and earn that credit with a title.

Still not giving up. Only lost by a combined 10 points in the 1st two games on the road. Just need to win Game 3 and 4 at home.


Its tough because realistically we just aren’t good enough to match up to a team with 3 of the top 15 players in the game.

The best hope for the Rockets going forward is for Kevin Durant to go to another team, but I am not sure he does why would he at this point.


3 of the top 15 doesn’t even explain it all the way…they have 5 guys (6 if you count Cousins) that have been or are all-stars that are all still in the meat of their careers. All 5 of those guys will be Hall of Famers.

Just so depressing that a 73 win team was able to add Kevin Durant, arguably the best player in the world. I mean, good on them for doing it legally (I’d love it if the Rockets had done it), but it’s just not fair.


Not to mention basically signing Boogie Cousins for $5 mill when he really would have got a max deal if he wasn’t coming off an Achilles injury.

You could say easily they have 6 of the top 40 players in the league. The Rockets as good as Harden and CP3 have been in their careers still don’t have enough firepower to match up with them most nights.


Same here. Can’t wait until the Blackhawks are back.

I dripped the NBA like a hot rock in 2000. Just stopped watching and lost touch with the league. I couldn’t name but maybe three players.

College basketball a great, and never lost my love for that game.

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