OT - Houston Rockets

Rockets lost to both the Clippers and Lakers on the road in the last few seconds of both games.

So, so close.

Give the team a little more time to develop chemistry and barring injuries, they will become a perennial playoff team with plausible NBA title aspirations.

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LBJ played 40 min, scored 40 pts like 8 rb, 11 assist, he wanted this one bad. The young Turks are coming on, and he knows it. He said he wanted to win this game, just by his chinny chin chin

Little known fact that LBJ was a balla, in addition to being the shot calla in chief.


Ok that was seriously funny.

LBJ took his talents to Washington.

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Even with this three game losing streak they have played well……what they lost three games by less than 10 combined points against the California teams in their gyms!?

These guys are way better than I thought they would be……IMO they sky is the limit.

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Amen is going to be really good IMO.

He is going to be one of those guys that puts up 15-20 pts 8-10 assists, 6-8 rebounds and a couple of steals……just needs a bit of time and to find his niche.

If Jalen Green had played well on the road trip, the Rockets would have won most of those games.

Jalen Green is a human highlight reel when he is playing well.

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We’ll be in the playoffs this year… Maybe even win a first round series…


Rockets putting a whooping on Denver

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The way I see it is we still have Cam Whitmore waiting in the wings to get minutes. I can see him taking minutes from Green eventually.

We can take our time with he and Amen with our bench playing well.

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Sengun finished with 21 pts, 14 rbs. 8 assists.

6’-11”. 21 yrs. old.

Thank you, James Harden, for the draft picks.


We get the Nets non protected pick this coming season. Could be a good one

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I keep wondering why he isn’t playing?

Too sticky. Needs to learn team concepts. Immature. Other guys ahead of him in the rotation.

But dude’s got a lot of talent.

A guy who may fill a need and be where we pick is Hunter Dickinson

Cam will be the MVP of the G league and at some point will help us this season. Keep in mind he is only 19. He gets to learn from some vets in front of him. Our team has had enough 19 year old players the past couple years so allow this group to learn how to win before adding another.

Have we locked up a spot in the in season tourney yet?

We control our own destiny by beating Dallas on Tuesday.
Still haven’t looked up yet on the benefits of winning in season tournament.

A Trophy and each player gets $500k

I think they should come up with something more meaningful. If they gave it playoff implications I think it’d be pretty hype.

First year of it, they’ll tweak it.