OT: Its About Playing Time and NIL: Nick Saban

In an article in Yahoo Sports, Nick Saban recounts the issues that lead to his retirement. One reason cited in the article was the behavior of his players after the Rose Bowl loss to Michigan. Clearly, the current state of college football has taken a toll on Saban, There is this comment:

“…maybe 70 or 80% of the players you talk to” wanted to know about their playing time for the upcoming season and how much they would be making in NIL money."

I think the lesson learned from all of this is to adapt to the current environment or be left behind.

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Saban is a man of high character plus he is old school. I admire him for speaking out for what he believes in.
He is retiring from a program that has top five NIL money so he could have continued winning big at Bama


Is this why a lot of older coaches are being hired now instead of the young up and coming coach, he may not know all the ins and outs of NIL and transfer portal… :thinking:

NIL is a completely different ballgame…

It’s a madhouse.

One that… kind of… benefits us as Houston is located in a major market with multiple billion dollar businesses.

I always felt if we built a winner in football, NIL would come and more Houston kids would stay at home if they got a good NIL Deal.

Jamal Shead just signed an NIL Deal with Exonn… imagine what the 2015 Coogs Team would do in todays environment.

Not to mention, Fertitta is our biggest donor and owns the Houston Rockets.

Just win baby…


The issue we are going to have in NIL is not getting our best players paid, it is bidding on recruits.

He is not a man of high character. He does put on a good show though.

I’m sure you know him better I do

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Oh, its just that I’m not blind or deaf or naive.

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Paying players was new to him? Really?


The guy who made more money off of college football than anyone the last decade has concerns about money ruining the sport.

News at ten.


This right here. Makes 10 million a season and once he doesn’t have free labor with a promise of hope for an nfl career he is not the unblemished saint of college football.



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He’s upset because NIL somewhat evens the playing field.


Not really lol

Most college athletes aren’t even getting full ride scholarships, ESPECIALLY for non-revenue sports

NIL rewards the elite of the elite

Yes Alabama probably wont run CFB anymore, but the landscape will still be a few teams that dominate over and over again

Talent is more spread out across the country now instead of always only going to certain brand schools. The transfer portal has big part in that.