OT: Jackson State sells out 60k stadium ahead of Saturday's game vs Alcorn

It’s incredible how much the school and community has rallied around Coach Prime in just a year.

Jackson State has always lead the FCS attendance or has been top 5 along with Harvard, Yale, James Madison, North Dakota State and Montana in alternating years.

However, this is next level. They drew 53k at their last home game.


Seeing things like this just irritate me more about our pathetic fan base…


I agree 100%

All I can offer is they are in Jackson, MS. Not too hard to get around there and not a big bother to get to the stadium, etc.

I think if we were in San Antonio or Temple, TX we would have larger crowds too. The logistics to get to a game in Houston are difficult for many folks.

Not making excuses, just comparisons.

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Not rocket science. They have a buzz (because of the coach) and their games are fun and eventful (good team, great band). We have no buzz and after every game you will see people complaining about their experience.

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Coach Prime might do wonders for SMU.

There was some initial buzz about Prime to TCU. It’s died down a bit but I was surprised that he was in the mix.

Some programs need a PT Barnum. Houston is one of them. I would like to see if there are any 10 win P6 teams that draw less than us.

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We had our PT Barnum-Mensa Tom.

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All this shows coaching, winning
positive press having a coach like Deion matters.

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Deion is in the right place at the right time - in a one horse city that has a legit football tradition waiting for a winner plus they give him the keys to the city literally

If you have a coach that hold people accountable they react.