OT: Justin Fuente, former Memphis Coach now VT's coach cannot have a good culture

Seems like a new catfish defense. He came over the first time and got oral from what he thought was woman. Came over the second time and find out she was a man. I understand he was deceived but that is a lot of rage to commit murder when you must have liked the oral to come back. I’m sure he’ll get a lighter sentence but still lots of jail time, but you never know with jurors.

As many cases as have been reported, I don’t believe word never go back to him.

And when he was the head coach, while deplorable, if he reported it and the higher ups did nothing that’s bad, criminal. But he also became the AD and did nothing. Sorry Bo, you’re just as culpable.

JCoog, never tried to imply that adopted children were any less significant then biological child. I was simply making sm correction that it was his adopted son that was making these claims n who also is at odds w his real son. I have a step-daughter that’s been part of my life for 19 of her 30 yrs and I treat her everyday like she’s my biological daughter… everything I could ever ask for in a now Women. Sorry if you thought I saw them differently.

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We have no idea if he was catfished because the victim is dead.

Could be he liked it but word got out. Blacksburg is a small town.

There were reports going back to 2014 about Angie Renee/Jerry Smith. Some others reported being victimized/seen by Jerry

There’s a lot of stuff that’s suspicious under the guy. Look at the Virginia Tech Reddit and look around for Jerry Smith and El Centro Taco Bar.

There is confirmation of other people being catfished, person kept the lights low, wig, etc.

Not an excuse or valid defense for murder end of story. Sounds like others head been deceived before and they managed to not commit felonies.

If I’m the defense lawyer I’m changing that story right f’ing now. Because his defense right now isn’t a real defense.

There are a group of folks who know what their doing but when it goes public then things change quickly out of embarrassment

Murder isn’t justified, ever.

At this point, given the potential for this case to go absolutely national, I wonder what the double standards would be.

Lesbian woman meets Angie/Jerry but it ends up being a man and the same thing happens. Applause? Charges dropped? Lesser sentence? The murder charge should still stand, but how will the perception be seen overall? Predatory man disguising against a woman?

There seems to be a ‘standard’ that men aren’t sexually assaulted as often, and most are embarrassed to come out about it because of that ‘standard’.

On the secondary, there are defenses to PREVENT a crime that is happening. A Texas man murdered someone who was sexually assaulting his daughter and charges were dropped, because that is a valid defense.

Finally, there is a consideration of rape by deception. There was a case where someone was convicted because they pulled a “You have a disease and I can give you the cure through sex”. Person got convicted from that. There’s a lot of cases where deception occurs.

In the end, murder isn’t justified over this. A police report would have happened, or at least a punch in the face and gtfo.

There is a common denominator here.


Michigan state

now Michigan

Three so called major programs protected at all cost by their own communities and the ncaa did absolutely nothing.

When the penn state horrific crimes were divulged we thought this was an isolated case. Then MSU’s case was made public now Michigan. These horrific crimes went on for decades. You can be sure that many knew and said nothing for fear of retaliation. The ncaa is so connected that they had to know. I am 100% convinced by it. Remember that the penn state ncaa charges/probations were more or less dropped after one season? did the ncaa know that they had to be extra lenient because MSU and Michigan were next?
Think about it:
Three of the biggest football programs in America and all in the BIG10?
Think about the ncaa nightmare scenario. They the ncaa covered this up.
I will write it again. The ncaa sanctions schools for paying a player under the table but it does not sanction sexual molestation? What world do we live in? The ncaa should have been “reformed” a long time ago.
It is now clear that Bo’s statues have to come down yesterday. There is no way that he did not know. hundreds of complaints are not one or two.
Shame on these so called institutions of higher learning.
Shame on the ncaa to not step up and PROTECT ITS STUDENTS ATHLETES
These three programs should have gotten the death penalty like SMU did. There are no doubts about it. Anybody that thinks otherwise should ask themselves why?

Don’t forget the Ohio State University had there own Dr. Mctouchy too.

The NCAA can’t protect the student athletes because the courts said they couldn’t punish criminal activities. Because they didn’t cover up anything and they tried to bring the hammer down on PSU. PSU sued and won saying the NCAA didn’t have jurisdiction in these matters, same reason Baylor got off. The NCAA is completely neutered right now, some by Emmett’s choice, some of it because schools have better lawyers than they do.

Should they be smoldering heaps where athletic departments once stood, you bet. I just don’t see a way to get us there.

Higher education needs to take a long look at itself.