OT: Justin Fuente, former Memphis Coach now VT's coach cannot have a good culture

Arrests after arrests after arrests under his program. Did he have the same issue when he was back at Memphis?

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Glass houses fellas. We got a star freshman DT arrested for domestic abuse and a kid kicked off our team that murdered a guy recently. Put 100 people in a room and a few will not be wholesome to say the least.


Can happen everywhere…and usually does.

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One (maybe 2) can happen anywhere. But when it is a pattern, that reveals a deeper problem.

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I have to admit I am shocked by this and quite frankly I am not shocked by much anymore.

I just don’t understand why he would turn a blind eye to this. What could he have possibly gained from keeping that doctor around. I liked Bo, but if it is true, like Paterno, his statues have to come down as well.

Bo has been dead 15 years, why now?

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Money of course.

Read some of the stories about this–some of these people are still messed up over this.

Schembechler’s stepson said Bo knew about it and struck him when he told Bo about the doctor assaulting the son.

Why was this allowed to go on at Michigan State? Penn State? Ohio State?

Nobody wanted to rock the boat. Nobody wanted a scandal. Nobody gave a f***.

Our own Tom Paciorek has come out to talk about being molested by priests when he was young. You think that doesn’t affect a person years down the line? How couldn’t it?

My question is, why would we assume someone can’t be a monster simply because he is good at coaching football?


Living up here in Michigan, I feel this could be more damaging than what happened at MSU. If Bo Schembechler did know, he was coach and later added the AD title at Michigan. Therefore, they knew and turned a blind eye. Not good.

This has been percolating around here for a while now. It’s going to get real ugly. But Bo’s reputation won’t be sullied here. Like Paterno at Pedophile State, he was a football god.

This was not his stepson, it was his son. From the article:
“I understand the reverence people have for my father,” said Matt Schembechler, Bo’s son, “but I know the truth.”

That truth, as told by these three men, was a portrait of ruinous neglect. Bo was accused of dismissing reports of Anderson’s abuse with comments like “toughen up.” Matt Schembechler claimed he was first abused by Anderson in 1969 when Matt was just 10 years old, and when he told his father, “it didn’t go well.” He claimed Bo screamed at him and hit him.

But, whether stepson or biological son, any man who would not protect his own deserves all the shame that can be heaped upon him. I am a stepfather, but to me – and to my daughter as well – they are my children and I would do whatever necessary to protect them. Same for grandkids. Actually, anyone should protect any child they can from predators. Abuse of children is the thing that will make my blood boil faster than anything else.


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I’m sorry I can only like this post once. Good post Mike.

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It was his adopted son if it matters. His real son has been at odds w Matt-- adopted son for years.
Family members have been at odds for long time.

My dad is a UM grad and was there when Bo coached. Going to ask him what his thoughts were. He met Bo, and there’s a sandwich named after him.

Holy smokes, how does someone NOT protect their own?

Back on topic, Going with the gross, “trans panic defense” Luckily for VA that BS defense had been banned as a valid defense.

On UM what is it with the B1G trans and finding all the gross rapists in that time frame and making them team Dr.'s? Or in Sandusky’s case DC

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Glad to see that happening.

The discussion on TKP about this, and Virginia Tech Reddit, where these actually true rumors were FLYING around before the updated article was released, was saying much about the Victim.

However, the opinion is NOT about “THEY ARE TRANS SO BEAT EM UP”. It was in regards to the fact that deception had already occurred, and Isi was consenting to sexual interaction with Angie and not Jerry. Sad situation all around for both families. Murder shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s surprising that Isi was released on bail for this. He’s got the Hokie lawyer.

Agree :100:. I would do anything to protect my own kids (of course) and all of my students. That’s my job as their teacher to protect them at any cost.


Adopted children are ‘real’ children - that is the point of the adoption process. If you want to distinguish using a term like biological child, fine, but please do not imply that adopted children are any less real.


I want to believe in Bo. I want to believe that an angry adopted son and ex players who just want compensation for something that can’t be proven are behind this. That is where my heart is.

My head unfortunately has been conditioned to accept that anything is possible.

The Dr. had over 800 accusers over several decades. So he’s most likely guilty as hell of being a molester while he was alive.

Whether or not Bo knew and did nothing… It’s anyone’s guess really. My guess is, and it’s only a guess, and pure speculation based on how these things have been handled both in the past and currently. Bo knew and told his bosses who did nothing. Weirdly enough when these sortss of things happen all of the sudden these God like coaches suddenly become just another cog in the machine just like the rest of middle management who needs to report things to his superiors.