OT: Katy beat North Shore 24-21

Trailing 21-7 at the half, Katy roared back in the 2nd half to win the game. Katy held NS to minus yardage in the 2nd half while putting more than 200 yards on the stat sheet themselves.


Do they recruit players out in Katy?:thinking:

Anybody on either of those teams in which there may be mutual interest? Both programs produce some excellent talent.

NS has an immense amount of talent. They do benefit from the district drawing the lines.
Notice.ypu didn’t hear a whole mot about 4-5 star players talk about Katy.
But really it was just a great game between two powerhouses. Tonight program greatness won over the team with incredible talent.

Katy does recruit players. Boosters buy homes for families with good players and help the parents find work. It’s a racket.

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Perhaps one of many ‘rackets’.

Oh geez here comes the stupidity again. I had been in the district as a player for Katy and as a coach/teacher for over a decade. So no one who claims to know joeblow will know more than I do.

The claim is total BS! They have players who move in on occassion and because their family want them to play at Katy. They are a program who does it the right way with structure and accountability. They physically beat a team last night with twice the talent, just ask the ESPN announcers,. While they have had some talent, if they are recruiting, they do a crappy job of it. One of their titles even came without a single player going D1. Again I guarantee NS had 15 or so players on their roster who will one day being playing college ball. The vast majority of the players who have been big at Katy have come up through the system.

Katy does not get any benefits from their district as far as how they draw up the boundaries like South Lake Carroll, Trinity or North Shore. The attendance numbers in the district are measured which is why HS # 9 is under construction. Teams that get screwed by the attendance zones are Mayde Creek and that does not benefit Katy, it benefits schools like Taylor and Paetow.

There are UIL rules set in place that make it difficult for a player to switch programs. For instance, there is an elite receiver going to a&m who has to sit out this season for another school because the former coach claimed he transferred for athletic purposes.
Katy ISD also does greater checks and balances than any other district requiring all athletes to have in home visits for proof of residency.

For those of you who like to follow HS sports you really do miss out on some great action worrying about stuff like this. I even know some schools that do bend the rules and bring in high profile players on an regular bases and Katy does not and their roster shows. They have one SR RB from South Carolina whose move was 100% legitimate and a Sophomore DB who have come from other school and producing.

Also funny that you think KT boosters have all this money. They do have some generous boosters as far as providing equipment and facilities but have been considered more of a blue collar program in terms of facilities and have nothing like the Austin Westlakes of the world but yet they are buying houses. They just rebuilt their Fieldhouse which was a good 40+ years old and built when they had a quarter of the athletes


You do realize that North Shore does this.

There are quite a few schools in the greater Houston area that recruit and also bring in kids through magnet programs.

We all know that key students use relatives/friends addresses to get into the school they want to go to. Or even the Principal’s transfer rule. But this goes on for non sports too. Katy just does it better than the rest.

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Played at Katy in the 50s including the 1959 State Championship. We enjoyed unbelievable community support, excellent coaching and first class facilities. While not opulent the facilities were actually better than we had at U of H in 1961. The tradition of Football excellence runs deep at Katy High which started with Coach Gordon Brown and continued when he brought Jack Rhoades in as Coach & later as AD. Jack hired Mike Johnson in 1980 & Mike hired Gary Joseph. Even though the game of football has evolved, Katy still wins by having a great running game & excellent defense. Very few 5 Stars but many kids who are willing to work hard. Watching last night I was impressed how good the execution was & no “first game” jitters. Proud to be a Tiger.


Another Katy/Coog alum here. Katy class of '98, the first state championship in this two decade run.

Everyone on that team that mattered went to Elementary and Junior High with me. And no, they weren’t always the biggest and fastest team.

What Katy does better than just about anyone is coach. Gary Joseph, and Mike Johnston before him, run the same system through all the feeder programs from Pop Warner up. The discipline is amazing for a HS team.


I would have to agree with this. A buddy of mine has a younger brother who plays for Lamar and isn’t zoned there.

It depends. As long as they still live in HISD, it can be legit. HISD has a lot of choice and magnet programs.

He is there for football. Not for academics. I know it’s “legal” because of the magnet program but the intention is to better his football career. He has a bright future in it too.

I will say your offensive line for that 98 team was HUGE!

Apparently you are not following Norb, we do not do it better. Katy out executes and perform teams with more talent. Getting move ins is happening a lot more at other schools like NS than it does at Katy.

Like the other poster said, the guys I played with in HS were there for all 4byears and many of which 2 years at Katy JH.
That being said, many might be surprised Katy is the only Katy ISD school without a true feeder JH.

Out of 3000 students, I think 1,400 are magnet students not zoned there at Lamar. It isn’t just the athletes

edit: I checked it roughly 1,400 of the 3000 are zoned - more magnet students than zoned students

|Transfers In|| from 2015 when the school pop was 3300
|All Other Schools|854|

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Oh I get it. I know how the magnet program works. I was responding to the comment from earlier that schools benefit from the magnet program to recruit players to different schools.

Oh, they do recruit players to magnet in as well. Quite a few actually

There’s a lot of recruiting that goes on. Lots of Lamar players are recruited during middle school. A bunch of NS should be at Furr. Katy used to recruit, not sure now. May not have to. One player told me that his family was offered an apartment to play at Katy but that was easily 15 years ago. Heck, Pearland used to poach Sterling kids.