OT: LeBron James

A guy just broke the scoring record and the only thing you add is how bad the sport is today.

Like I said. Sad and miserable lives.

Why the anger? I respect your opinion but I do not respect the anger. This is just my opinion. Man get a hold of yourself.

It’s just too difficult to compare eras. So many variables that you can’t come up with who is better. This debate is going to go on forever.

KAJ had 1750 less free throw attempts and played 150 more games than LJ; however, the NBA-ABA merger didn’t happen until KAJ was 9 years into his career. His production took a slight dip after the merger because he had to go up against more talent. But nobody to this day has a sky hook in their bag. It’s the most indefensible shot in basketball and it’s never been repeated with success by anyone since KAJ hung his laces up.

Michael Jordan is still the GOAT. He wasn’t protected by the refs/league his first six seasons. His head would get taken off when he drove into the lane and he still managed to score 30 each night. The 3-point shot was not a major point of emphasis during his days as he attempted average of 1.7 a game which means he had to get his points on much more possessions.

Had MJ played his entire career without the baseball years and early retirement (age 35) he’d most likely be at 40-42k points for his career and maybe 1 or 2 more rings.


And LeBron still would have passed him. And he has never been a shoot first guy.

But still is one of the greatest scorers of all time.

Actually. checks notes. The record books now say he is the greatest scorer of all-time. Really has to upset all the LeBron haters.

Hating a guy that has never done anything wrong off of the court. Built a school. Sends kids to college every single year. And one of the greatest to ever play.

The hate is weird.

But, like I said. Sad and miserable lives.


Maybe go troll the politics board some more if it isn’t working here

What does it have anything to do with this? I loved the NBA in the 80’s/90’s so what? Good for LBJ to break the NBA points record.

Not saying he is a bad guy, but his petulance and hypocrisy just makes him unlikeable. And the tweet the other day after Kylie was traded to the Mavs “Maybe it’s me”. Self-absorbed doesn’t even begin to describe it.

His philanthropy and off the court image is great, but he lost me when he was so outspoken for George Floyd and BLM but chastised Darryl Morey for doing the same for human rights in China. Yeah, China cutting off the NBA affected his pocket book, so it’s ok to shutdown the protests over there. Give me a break.

LJ is the second best player of all time IMO. He’s incredible. I just think he’s in way over his head when speaking to social issues. He’s no modern day Emile Durkheim, but ESPN seems to think so.


Almost won two with 4 dudes. Got to the finals, at least. MJ didn’t sniff the finals until he got Pippen. LeBron has always been a lot more successful with 4 dudes than MJ could ever dream.

In 2007, at 23 years old, he took a Cavs team whose second best player was Mo Williams to the NBA finals. In the process, he beat a Pistons team with a few HOFs, including scoring 30 points in the 4th Quarter of Game 6.

In 2018, he took another Cavs team whose second best player was Jordan Clarkson to the NBA finals. In Game 7 of the ECF, on the road in Boston, he had a 40 point Triple Double.

So, yes, you are correct that he did not win a title with no supporting cast. But, guess what, neither did MJ, Bird, Magic, Duncan, Kobe or Dr J. MJ could not even win a playoff series until he got Pippen.

Heck the only two players that you can say won a title without a great supporting cast are Dream and Dirk. That’s it. Even Kareem’s first title with the Bucks, he had Oscar Robertson.

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Mo wasn’t on that team.

Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson, and Zydrunas.

Boobie Gibson was the second best player on the team during the playoff run.

Let’s not forget taking one of the greatest teams ever assembled. The Golden State Warriors to a game 6. Without Kyrie or Kevin Love. Matthew Dellavedova was his second best player in that series.

LeBron had the most points, assists, and rebounds in the series. For both sides. Lol

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Stats speak for themselves, Lebron is #1 of all time.

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I don’t like Lebron but leaning toward him being the GOAT. He took some bad Cavs teams deep into the playoffs. Now, he’s the NBA’s all-time leading scorer! Props to him!

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Get this crap off the UHBB site !!


100% agree and nobody wrote we hated the basketball player. Man o man.

I didn’t know Lyndon Johnson even played basketball.


It was meant to be on the Politics board Mike.
Even in his short tenure as President… he was the GOAT!! :smile::laughing:

He certainly had the height for it.

Oh, you are right, good point Joprior. Williams came later. I believe Damon Jones of UH fame also on that team.

Larry Hughes, now that is a name I have not heard in a while.

admittingly, i grew up a jordan fan and have watched little of lebron and nba in general past few years, just seems too much iso, going for the foul on the jump shot and too much going for the 3. just not as fun to watch today imo.

that stated, lebron’s first cleveland title is legit and all on him, since then he had a lot more help than jordan imo. if lebron stayed with cleveland with same amount of titles he has now, he’s the goat, jordan stays ahead on championships with less help imo.

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ok so “almost” makes your statement more credible?

it was a poor take, admit it.

and I have not mentioned another players name have I? I never made this into some kind of comparison to any other player so I dont know why yall insist on doing so in your rebuttal.

The fact the you said LeBron could win a title with any 4 dudes is ass. period. im not saying who is the GOAT, or who is better then who, so stop coming @ me. Dude needed Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Battier, Chalmers, Haslem, and some other good role players to start winning titles. That was a very good roster.

So stop defending your original take, that he could win a title with any 4 dudes. Again, I never once mentioned another player, so yalls argument about Jordan and Kareem having help is completely irrelevant in your response to me.

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