OT: Lions vs Niners NFC Championship

Good lord, Detroit is rolling. Dan Campbell will have job for life.

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still early. although i’m down for detroit as half the fam is in/from michigan. goff can still throw the wrong pass. i’d take purdy to make a play out of nothing long vefore goff. goff still a system qb to me.

Definitely pulling for Detroit to win it all now.

Who do you have in the Super Bowl? Eminem or Taylor Swift?

It could be Michigan’s year.

Not Detroit’s 3rd quarter that’s for sure

Sports God’s saw this thread


Journey-- from San Fran says hold on.

’ Don’t Stop Believin ’


Fans from Detroit are singing the same song.

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Dan Campbell is a fcking idiot. Now we gotta watch Chiefs Niners smh


I have said all year I thought the 49ers were the most talented team in the league.

I was literally about to post that


Dan Campbell is a meathead. Coached his team right out of the Super Bowl. Coaching matters. Aggie idiot.


Either Mahomes gets his 3rd in 5 years another one or delusional Purdy stans get ultimate vindication :nauseated_face:

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The Lions and all of Detroit (and it’s suburbs like Oakland) will have all offseason to think about Dan Campbell’s gambles in FG range. I understand he has a philosophy but things change in playoffs. Taking the points given to you while in FG range is what championship football is all about. He did this at the end of the first half to my surprise but the other two times, not going for the FG ultimately cost them this game.

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he coached like that all season, to change in the playoffs would be to change who he is. imo, purdy showed he was the better qb and made plays that goff cant make. improvising is not goff

Which is why he lost. You have to adjust to playoff football and take fewer chances. Your margin for error is much smaller in the playoffs than the regular season.

Haha. I had many 8 tracks of Journey & Boston in my Camero back in the day. :rofl::smile::smiley:


Journey was my first concert. Still the best one I’ve ever been to.


Didn’t help the Lions forgot how to catch for a full quarter.