OT: LSU's Will Wade Caught up in scandal


this relates to houston in any potential future match ups with them…coach sampson’s coach of the year odds (wade was a top 3 finalist aswell)

also 2 of our top 3 targets for the 2020 class were lsu favorites…

him getting hit by the ncaa or fired will affect us


I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! :wink:


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I wonder if this has anything to do with Kelvin’s adamant “no” when asked if we’d be playing LSU in the future?


CKS made the series when Johnny Jones was still at LSU. Those two are good friends and CKS tends to do games with those he knows.

Believe it was Wade who doesn’t want to play us anymore and I don’t believe CKS liked that.

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We’re also going for some of the same recruits:

Reece Beekman
LJ Cryer
Micah Peavy- who Michigan is coming hard after.

From the 2020 class

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How in the heck did Kelvin get hit with an NCAA show cause for too many phone calls when this kind of stuff is going on.


He broke the same rule twice and I think misled investigators. Not sure he deserved 5 years but a show cause wasn’t unwarranted. He also did his time and was entitled to another chance and I’m really glad his next chance came with us.


ULaLa is really screwed now.




Knoxville sports radio was hilarious this morning. Paraphrasing but basically “LSU should fire their coach, take a sword for the rest of the SEC, and forfeit the rest of the season. Also the SEC should pay off the NCAA and the FBI to make sure their wandering eyes don’t fall on the SEC again.” Seriously?

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Why is anyone surprised. Do they think this isn’t happening in football?

The only thing that will stop all of this is the IRS. Non reported income.


Sampson I think got nailed for texting recruits and saying it wasn’t a phone call iirc. I also think he had the issue at both Oklahoma and Indiana. I may be remembering the details wrong but at the time it came down it was kind of a repeat offender thing. The kinds of things schools and shoe companies have done funneling money to players through the AAU teams is a billion times worse than anything Sampson was punished for. I agree with you 100% on that. If he had only claimed the text messages were typos, and that he texted regular students as well, he might still be in Bloomington.

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over reaction

It aint cheating in LOUISIANA until some folks are dead and the liquor runs out


My dad said the same thing on a radio call in show back in the late 80s (maybe 790am or 950am but I can’t remember…). Anyway, the radio guys didn’t grasp what he was saying but the IRS can hammer anyone for not reporting payments over $600 on a 1099. That onus is on the payor; the payee is supposed to report the amount received no matter how much.

All the above is a roundabout way of saying I agree with you.


Tax evasion and money laundering. If anyone knows the underside of college athletics knows that the Miami Hurricane “U” of the 80’s and 90’s was a drug money money laundering scheme. The players get paid and they are directed to the nightclubs of the payors and the money gets laundered. That morphed into various charities and foundations whose recipients ended up being very good basketball and football players families. That morphed into the 12th man foundation…,

It is very unseemly but black markets always are created when there are artificial price constraints on labor in a for profit business,

Real answer… it happened first when he was at OK…in the big 12, who was also home of ut…

Nuff said !!

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I think this is partly why Sampson is not scheduling LSU again. He probably thinks Wade is toast and we won’t know the new coach until May or June. Although it would be strategically good to schedule a neighbor on probation because they have a tougher time recruiting against you in your yard.

And Tennessee is a joke. That school can’t decide if their the fattest dumb kid or the dumbest fat kid.

CKS wanted to keep it going; Wade was the one who called the series off.