OT: Meet BYU's Jewish QB



Steve Sarkisian and Jim McMahon were Catholic QBs for BYU.

Yeah. McMahon never adapted to the BYU culture. As long as he won football games, they were cool with it. They kicked him out of school his senior year after he was done playing football but before he graduated.

Yea. I always laughed about that. Maybe BYU coug can explain that.

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Jim McMahon one of my old time favorites. Really sad about his condition.

Any thoughts on the QB mentioned in the article?

Not too familiar.

His stats from last year were so-so, but given that he was new, and has now had a year to develop and master their system, he could have a breakout season next year.

Next year’s “Battle of the Cougars” rivalry week matchup will be interesting!

Good for BYU to give him a chance:

Sports is never about religion. Now he has to perform.