OT: Nebraska interim coach arrested

Sounds like he didn’t take the news too well and lashed out at home.


Spouse abusers need not apply.

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Mickey Joseph fired by Nebraska.

Similar charges to Beard.

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Maybe this is why Nebraska didn’t give him the job

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Maybe their internal investigation revealed an admission. They’re allowed to ask questions just like the cops. Whether or not he answered honestly is another thing.

What’s going on with these coaches? Talk about lack of self control.

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Good thing they didn’t give this guy the job.

Alcohol… Guaranteed.


They are missing an essential dietary supplement to promote personal mental health care…

Red Bull.


These two recent cases should teach everyone a lesson:

No matter how much she may piss you off……,DON’T choke your significant other.

It’s a recipe for a felony charge.


Think the Nebraska firing sets a precedent now and I presume UT does the same with Beard now


What if SHE chokes HIM…

I’d be willing to bet ALCOHOL was the biggest factor in BOTH of these cases…


Ha ha facts!!

In the words of Chris Rock: “Just don’t do it”

Same deal.

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I have a buddy that is a huge Nebraska fan. He claims the following:

  1. This guy was heading home to take a zoom call with Tulsa for an online meet and greet with the shot callers at Tulsa.

  2. He was never in the mix for Nebraska, they had to make a Rhule type hire.

  3. He walked in on his wife, middle of the day, with another dude.

  4. He went berserk at that point. But you still cannot
    Choke a lady.

Joseph’s arrest was at 2 p.m. and Beard’s was at 2 a.m. Joseph may have already been hitting the bottle just past noon but not as likely as Beard.

$10 says they’ve already made up


Probably in his bed, eating his food. Now she’s going to keep his house and take him to the cleaners.

Should have walked away, punched a wall instead.

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If I walk in and a guy’s eating my food in my bed he’s getting #% bill. Have you seen what inflation’s doing to potato chips?


Due process?