OT: New Rally House Cougar Store


So Rally House is from Dallas. Several years ago I visited several of their DFW stores. Not only NO Cougar stuff they had little to no SMU stuff. When I pressed the stores employees, they said no demand. I never walked into another store. I’m surprised they came to Houston even.

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Hopefully they’ll keep up a good stock of UH gear.

I guess we need to go in and make them sell out


So a store in Dallas doesn’t sell UH gear and you are surprised they opened a store in Houston and sell UH gear?


Think you missed the point. They didn’t care enough to even have a UH cap when they had almost every other school from Texas including UTEP. Like I mentioned little SMU stuff as well although SMU was not doing well at the time.

Well according to the picture, this store location cares.


That’s like not having Michigan stuff in Ann Arbor.

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I’m sure the hourly employees you had to question about a school 4 hours away with what we have to admit has problems selling stuff in the Houston area appreciated your questioning. :roll_eyes:


It’s from Kansas:

Over three decades ago, Tim and Mabel “Peg” Liebert established their vision that continuously evolved into what Kansas Sampler and Rally House are today. In the summer of 1989, Peg began planning “Mabel’s Kitchen” while Tim worked as an engineer. At the time, many considered Peg’s concept to be nothing more than wishful thinking on behalf of an ambitious woman seeking to compete with major stores in the local area. “Mabel’s Kitchen” originally began as a catalog featuring apparel, gifts and other merchandise related to the state of Kansas and its surrounding metropolitan community. With the help of her husband and three children, Peg took her idea and turned it into a legitimate business. Thus, “Kansas Sampler” was born and would quickly take the form of five stores selling Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals gear.

After Peg’s dream became a reality, the Liebert family opened their five Kansas Sampler stores in the Kansas City metro area. As the company became more and more successful, the desire and demand for sales of licensed sports apparel for teams like KU, K-State, Mizzou, the Chiefs and the Royals increased significantly. In the late 2000s, Tim and Peg appointed a company CEO: their son, Aaron Liebert. After the highs and lows that the year 2008 presented for the Kansas Sampler brand, the Lieberts made the decision to expand to other markets. What is known today as “Rally House” was finally born.

Rally House has now grown to 13 states – Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana and Oklahoma – and is constantly seeking opportunities for additional expansion. Rally House stays true to its roots by providing an impeccable selection of local and team-related apparel and gifts, including exclusive designs available only at Rally House.

You guys would be the first to complain if they didn’t have UH stuff in a store in Texas. Just noting the lack of respect in Dallas for the then AAC UH and hometown SMU. Because of that, I wouldn’t shop even at their Houston store. Have fun!

It’s not that serious


No I would complain in a Houston area store. I understand when they don’t carry it outside of the Houston area. Boycotting their new store is not a way to get more places to sell UH gear.


They don’t appear to sell UH items from their Willowbrook store description. Bye!

Hope this doesn’t mean we have to see those awful Rally House commercials the Rangers show 20 times/game.

Interesting. That is odd. They do list it for the other location in town, so its not just an error on the web. If I was ever in Willowbrook, I would go in and ask for it though.

Well, I would because that would be my nearest shop when I lived in Texas. I order online for all.