OT: North Dakota St becomes the 9 time defending FCS Champions

NDSU defeats Montana State 38-10

General consensus on social media and from the Montana State folks who lost to NDSU is that it’s time for the Bison to go to FBS.

NDSU is now 9-0 in FCS championship games and have won 9 out of the last 11 FCS Championships. The 2 losses were in the FCS Semifinals. They have done this with THREE different head coaches and FIVE different quarterbacks.

So its also time then for Alabama to go to the NFL


I’ve heard people say they’re an FBS school playing in the FCS. Not sure if that just anger boiling up or a claim backed up by something.

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They are the real deal, and they are tough as nails. They won this year without and NFL ready QB (several starters in the NFL), and won it rushing plus a stiff D…
Make no mistake…for real.


They’ve won nine championships and less than 20 years ago they were in Division II.

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They are for sure the real deal. This year wasn’t even suppose to be one of their better squads. JMU, SHSU, SDST were right there w/ them according to all FCS experts. They play D on another level then rest of FCS. They’ve beaten KanSt, Iowa, Minnesota over last few yrs. But most FBS Schools won’t schd them for good reasons.

Nothing like a stiff D to help you win a football game.


If they can recruit FCS to North Dakota, of all places, and have the coaching, then it just sounds like sour grapes to me. Good for them. For all the others, step up yo game. I wonder from where players on their roster originate?

Ok, after a bit of research and quickly scrolling through the roster, about 17 are from North Dakota, 2 from South Dakota. The state with the most players on their roster is Minnesota by far, and aside from North Dakota, Illinois has a good representation, then Florida with a good number. Really seem to draw players in from throughout the country, even a few Texans.


They are the UT of North Dakota so they have a funding advantage most FCS teams don’t have cause they’re not the flagship

University of North Dakota is actually the state flagship. They’re average and sometimes above average in FCS football.

I just meant recruiting to North Dakota proper, as a state, not North Dakota the university.

But that does apply to UND, South Dakota, South Dakota State, Montana and Montana State, none of whom have been as successful (although Montana had a good run in the 80s/90s as a I-AA power and SDSU made the title game recently).

So an expanded playoff will create more variety?



NDSU’s budget is about $28m a year, which is at the higher end of FCS but not the highest

Lower than William & Mary, Sac State, VCU, Stony Brook, Cal Poly, Cal Davis, George Mason, Illinois State, Missouri State, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. There may be some I am missing.

Some very smart AD is hiring superior coaches. UND is much better funded. t

I think UND spends a lot of its money on hockey, though.

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Seven national chamionships.