OT: Passed by SoFi stadium

It’s huge!

I have been in. I will try to post some videos. Unsure if the files are too big.
$6B’s yes $6B’s
I have had the privilege to go to quite a few stadiums. This one is unlike any other.
Every seat gives a great view.
All concessions and bathrooms look like you are in a restaurant atmosphere.
The design touches are unreal.
Areas are clearly divided. That might be the only negative in my view. I never liked the “private” accesses. SoFi has many with guards and glass doors.
Video board is great but a bit too massive.
From the private box I was in (great leather chair and views) it is a bit distracting.
The dj does use
“Whose house is it”
Overall this is an amazing stadium.
It does not have a roof. In case of lightning in the area games/events can be delayed.

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What is SoFi stadium??

Understandable since celebs go in droves. Thanks for the experience.

I’m pretty sure the World Cup Championship will be hosted in that stadium

I think that’s the new stadium in LA, but not entirely sure.

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Yes, the new stadium in LA (Inglewood).

Yes I can “exclusively” tell you that it will be played on grass. I can’t say anymore.