OT: PGA, DP, Liv Merger

I didn’t see that coming.

Very few did. Lots of moving parts to try to figure this one out. It looks like at least Norman is out and no more of his smirking mug.

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Wonder if Tiger is regretting he didn’t accept the $700 million LIV offer him?

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He’ll be alright…

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I love the sanctimonious PGA bending its knee for the Saudi dollar. The Europeans have been offering a blind eye to tyrants for hundreds of years. No skin off their backs.

Now the players and the Saudis tell the PGA what players can receive off their videos and image. And the well-heeled country-clubbers get to sit back and do exactly as they’re told.

Imagine the Crown Prince and this fifty Mercedes nephews showing up at the PGA Championship drinking tea and sitting on a 2.5 million dollar Iranian rug at the fourteenth green.


Praise be to Allah on that approach shot!

and have that heathen beer girl cover her hair for the love of Mecca!”