OT: projected 1st round pick Jalen Carter invloved in January Fatal Accident

The system is flawed obviously. It has no justice but greed. If you need a system to tell from right and wrong then you have not evolved as a human(anity). Every last athlete mentioned has an guilty conscience of involvement in there wrong doings just like most. Rather convicted or not karma does not change course.

I think Jack would be a QB or RB.

As a QB, he would dissect the secondary with precision passing, or

As a RB, he would knive his way through the opposing defense.


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Assume right, I’m for equal treatment and fairness for all. Press hasn’t been historically when it comes to people of a darker hue. I have malice towards none and charity for all, but I will always speak what God has given too me to be the light and the Truth

Then go to the political board and spew your venom. You will be accepted immediately.

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Your right I need to spew over there. Thanks for the advice