OT: Raising Cane's

It is really cool to see all the UH signs at Cane’s


It was really really cool to get all the free Raising Canes chicken during basketball season. :grin:

When Rice was up 28-0, there was some kind of Raising Canes ad being played in Rice Stadium. I was hoping that Rice would pass out “free chicken if Rice wins” cards, it was the only thing to look forward to at the time.


Great marketing by that chain. At one point I thought Raising Cane’s was founded by a UH grad like BB’s. Then I learned it was started on the campus of LSU.

Nevertheless, it’s great to have their support!


I assume they do something similar in other markets but I think they really do great on spreading our brand.

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One of the Cane’s in Pearland would always slip me an extra chicken strip when I wore UH shirts. :shushing_face:


I love Raising Cane’s LED sign when it has the UH logo. It really pops when you drive by it.


I bet they slipped Derek a whole chicken !

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Haha! He wouldn’t pass that up!!

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They are big in college towns. They have deals with every college


Nice to see a business supporting the local schools. There are enough bars in Houston infested with Aggie and Longhorn signs :unamused:


Man, even when we suck. :disappointed_relieved: Buy some chicken y’all!! :crazy_face:


Went to a BB game in Dallas years back. Picked up a 2 for 1 coupon. Also, did not get one, but they were passing them out in NO last year.

I was there the very next day after we beat utsa!

If only they had actual good fries… :confused:

What?!? They’ve got the best fries of any fast food place. Those big fat crinkle fries are the best, especially covered in Louisiana Hot Sauce!

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TK has it right. And while we are at it, they need to butter and toast the bread on both sides. And offer corn-on-the-cob.