OT: Respect is growing

The “Top American Research Universities 2020 Annual Report” ranks UH #61 among public universities.

UniRank reports a much more favorable rank for UH. It ranks UH #80 most popular among ALL North American universities.

It ranks UH #98 most popular among ALL World Universities

Respect is growing.


To all who like to use the US News ranking need to understand that those rankings are not true academic rankings. 30% of that ranking is based on a 10 year average of 6 year graduation rates and 30% is base on other schools admittance office opinions. It is a skewed value perception rating.


While I appreciate the recognition, I am not sure how serious I can take any college ranking guide that has Georgia State ranked ahead of Rice and UH. Minnesota is ranked ahead of Yale? :thinking:

GSU is basically an open admissions school; it is where UH was about 30 plus years ago. It does have some decent programs (Business, Law, Nursing), but no engineering program.

This guide doesn’t even have the proper degree programs. It says UH does not have an undergrad business or social science program? Funny, I majored in Econ and minored in business. Better check my diploma to make sure it isn’t written in invisible ink.


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