OT: Rick Pitino Being Investigated by NCAA

For allegedly tampering with players not in transfer portal.


I don’t care much about what happens to him, but is he really the only guy ALLEGEDLY tampering with players? C’mon. :laughing:


Some people never change. He will deny knowing anything about it and throw an assistant under the bus.

It is his MO !!


Of course not !!

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Meanwhile water is still wet.


There is something illegal in college athletics now?

It is like picking someone up for Jaywalking in Haiti.


Does the NCAA really have any teeth anymore?


I found it ludicrous.
By definition, why does a player enter the transfer portal?
Recently didn’t we have a WR going to Colorado?
I wonder how he got there?
Did he get there with a magic wand?
Rick Pitino got caught while other HC’s did not…yet.

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The sun is rising today and from the east.

Uh no Arkansas head coach Musselman, Prime hello lol

Pitino did not help himself when St. John’s got snubbed by the NCAA Tournament Committee. Consider these comments from Pitino:

“I think we all should probably never mention that word [NET] again because it’s fraudulent,” Pitino said. “I think the NET is something that shouldn’t even be mentioned anymore. I think we had a good strength of schedule [in] KenPom [rankings]. Why mention him? We tried to play a tough schedule, we tried to do things the right way, and we didn’t get in. But I never make excuses.”

The article mentions St. John’s will decline a bid to the NIT, end its season and shift focus to the transfer portal because Pitino says that “seven or eight” new players need to be recruited.

This feels a little like harassment to me.

No way in the world is St John’s the only school tampering.

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I look at like speeding on the highway. Everybody does it, but don’t drive 30 MPH over the speed limit when there’s a DPS cruiser sitting on the side of the highway.

FYI, that is a parody account, none of that is true.

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Whoops. :laughing:

If parody, my bad. You gotta admit, it does sound plausible.

That acct is very parody for sure :100: .

Elon screwed up twitter massively with allowing any moron to buy a blue check, now it is a wave of BS like this, people trying to scam for clicks, and porn spambots.

My go to now, when I see something like this, from someone Im not familar with is to search to see if anyone else is tweeting about it. Another give away is to read the person/bots bio. In this case :rofl:



crazy how often people show no media literacy online. just take a second it’s not a ball sack sports level twitter account.

also would love to take a moment to highlight how seeing this thread had me immediately believing the NCAA would be hitting ole rick with something else

If he gets in trouble for that then why isn’t Coach Prime?