OT: Rutgers vs Kansas

Not really Cougar related but I found this piece to be hilarious.


Two proud programs with legendary coaches playing in an iconic stadium. If this isn’t the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football. This is the granddaddy of them all.

I needed that laugh, so thanks for posting. All the references to Kansas beating Texas were just icing on the cake!

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That Kansas win in 2016 is becoming less impressive as each season passes by and the Entitlement University of Austin continues to redefine mediocrity and/or crap.

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Kind of Cougar related. We play Kansas in 2022, 2023. :sweat_smile:

It was never really impressive. It got Charlie Strong fired.

interesting note about rutgers…in 76 when the coogs finished 4th in the ap poll and won swc, rutgers was undefeated and claimed a national championship like ucf which was recognized at the time by some official ncaa poll. not the ap or coaches poll where they finished 17

rutgers only undefeated season.

Have we ever finished undefeated…??! That’s a hard feat to do…

Nope. Sumlin blew that for the Aggies 30 pieces of silver.


Rutgers down 24-7 to Kansas. How bad are you to be down three scores to Kansas?



Big12 bad

Five time national champs are showing their power.

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BREAKING NEWS: Rutgers is bad.