OT: Sam's attendance got roasted on social media yesterday

Our attendance isn’t good either but hasn’t been THIS bad.

I honestly don’t think Sam belongs in FBS.


aren’t they all Texas A&M fans?

It’s going to take a while for them to realize they are in NCAA Division I FBS…that’s a big jump.

On a side note, the state of Texas has WAY TOO MANY Division 1 Football teams, both at the G5 and P5 levels.

Way too many…and we just added SHSU to Div. 1 and SMU to the Power Conferences.

No wonder our state can’t win Championships!

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SHSU isn’t in a power conference…

I don’t give a damn about the state winning… FOR THE CITY!!!


Pic was taken during warm ups. There was a pic later where the stands were ~50-60% full during the game.

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Thats not counting all of the FCS schools in Texas. Lets not even get started on D2 and D3 teams.

It was pretty loud and parts were full.
Crowd was into it & took that tough loss hard.

They have some games w 14k sold.
Individuals must be buying 10 + to help the numbers.

East TX one of the better places if its FBS on a budget but SAM student athletic fee raise not passing could keep them bad.

The games I’ve attended there the stands were always full on the home side. As @UH1927 said they do have a problem with their grads being fans of other schools. Biggest horn fan I know is a Sam grad.

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I saw a list of FBS stadiums, and Sam Houston’s is the only one that doesn’t seat 15k. That being said, its record attendance is 16,148. I’m guessing there is a lot of SRO with the grass hills on the side of the stands. Next on the list was Charlotte at 15,314.

$81 million expansion to 30k soon.
In Sept they got a $25 million gift and the state of NC matched it.

UMass next at 17k then all 20k+.
Except Hawaii in a temporary spot.

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Attendance smack talk is always lame. Personally don’t think our fan base has any room to talk. SHSU is a project in a lot of ways. I wish them well. Certainly don’t want to see them go winless.

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Wouldn’t happen in Texas. I remember UH took heat for using state funds to add a band hall to TDECU and had to prove it wasn’t for athletics.

It looks like that is pregame or post game since the players look to be leaving or just arriving. But yes, that is worse than we ever had.

On the other hand, if we were 0-6, we would probably have a third of our lowest attendance this year.

You cant compare us to Sam. We’re a way different animal.