OT: Spencer Rattler transfers to USC


Just not the USC everybody was expecting. I called this after he laughed at Lincoln Riley’s text message asking if he was interested in following him to LA

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Clickbait at it’s finest and the power of branding.


No interviews please


I don’t like his attitude it’s all about me for him not a team culture


No, not clickbait. That is the initials South Carolina uses. Its just that the Trojans are more famous.

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I want my click back on this thread, you said USC.


USC is literally what South Carolina is called.

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More problems for the former gamecocks who are now the broil chickens of the SEC … my ole operations officer friend and fishing pal from the Navy and his wife were USC alums … oh well they will always have basketball to fall back on now that football with problem child Rattler coming will be sinking faster than the Japanese carrier Akagi at Midway …

We’ve got a team of IT guys on the 8th floor assigned to this. They expect to have your click returned to you in 6-8 weeks, maybe longer with the holidays.


A di$& becoming a co$&….cool


I remember when I was stationed in Georgia and seeing USC stickers and decals on cars. I remember thinking damn there are a lot of Trojan fans here. But I was wrong. Then I realized Columbia, SC home of the Gamecocks was only and hour away from me. They do use USC. It’s like OSU we think of the Buckeyes but my cousins wife played softball for OSU okie st. Or I had a butter bar Lt. talk about OSU and their football team but meant the Beavers out of Corvalis. Both Oklahoma’s and Oregon’s state schools are black and orange. This is getting confusing lol