OT: Texans hire Baltimore asst David Culley

Culley is the Assistant Head Coach and WR coach for Baltimore. Had previously worked for Andy Reid at KC and Philly. He is the only black hired as HC this go round.

The problem they had with Watson is that Cal had dinner with him several times and told him that he would have input. He should have kept the management/owners and the players separated in the assembling of the team.

BTW, NFL network saying Watson had officially asked for trade a week ago. Also, though his contract is large, his signing bonus has already been paid. Another great deal made by Easterby – great for Watson, not the Texans.

with the Texans being a dumpster fire, now would be the perfect time for Cougar football to rise up and become the city’s team — hope we can rise to that occassion


I hope you are right. We blew it when the Oilers left town. Let’s not blow it again.


there was another thread here but it was moved to “Other Sports”…I am not sure if Cougar Football is only for current / former UH players / coaches and possible expansion but anyway check The Texans thread in Other Sports…

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Move them to St Louis, let Houston be a college ball town

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Texans in complete rebuild mode now. How long will it take, does it even matter to their fan base.Still the city lioves winners so the Coogs could garner some fans while the pro teams are down. Then those fans will want Coogs to come save their pro team.


Wait, Texan fans are t supposed to just trust the process like we are?

I am willing to give Culley the benefit of the doubt until he has had a chance to show what he can do as HC and that will probably take a couple of years. I can’t blame him for taking the job, nor do I blame him for the mess the Cal and Easterby have created. If they do trade Watson, that’s on them, not Culley.

As for as not being a coordinator before, that doesn’t bother me. He will be more of the CEO type that delegates and gives the OC and DC the freedom to do their jobs. I’ve always wondered what the point of having an OC if the HC is doing the job of the OC and calling the plays. He comes highly recommended by some well respected HC’s such as Reid, Harbaugh, and Kubiak.

Whether Watson stays or goes is a whole other question. I don’t know what was different two weeks ago when he officially said he wanted a trade than 5 weeks ago when he signed the contract and took the signing bonus money other than hiring Casserio. Cal and Easterby were still here and still going to be here. This is different than the old days when the contracted period was not binding on the owner, when one side guarantees payment of X amount, it is incumbent on the other side to live up to his agreement as well. However, should he be traded, the Texans should be able to get a franchise changing haul in return in the form of draft choices and players as Dallas was able to do in the Hershel Walker trade.

Let’s also talk about Bienemy, there has to be something about him that has caused him to be passed over after being interviewed by 15 or 20 other GM’s. Since I don’t know the reason, I won’t venture a guess; he may just not interview well.

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