OT: The Disrespect at Wimbledon

Holy smokes. Thought this was too good to not post here. Mods, y’all can move as needed.

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I look at this as more of a change of pace shot. I play tennis and will, on occasion, take a lot of my first serve just to mix things up. That being said, I don’t like the way this guy plays tennis.

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I love it. I find it refreshing. There is no disrespect in this.

No disrespect at all. As an opponent you have to be ready for anything. The thing that bother me was when Tsaspkas hit the ball into the crowd and nothing was done. He should have been penalized a point at the least. He was lucky the ball didnt hit nobody directly but I gaurantee you if it would it would have been a disqualification. Then the second time he hit the ball into the crowd during play the give him a penalty dont make sense at all!!

Where is the disrespect? Players are allowed to have their styles…just like MLB pitchers and hitters

I view this as kind of a trick play…such as the Statue of Liberty play in football. I’d never seen this kind of tactic in professional tennis. As long as its legal…more power to the guy…

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Kind of like what Tulane did to us faking a knee and getting a big gain, then winning in regulation.

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That is what I was thinking.

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I’m watching him play right now and he intentionally lost a game to get it to the fifth set. He was on serve too. I’ve never seen a player do that.

People throw around the phrase “built different” way too much but Nick Kyrgios really is built different. There probably arent 5 players on tour that are more talented than him yet hes only sitting at #40 in the world currently.

Maybe some mental health or anger-control issues:

Nick Kyrgios: Wimbledon quarterfinalist charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Australian media reports - CNN

Watching the championship right now. The guy acts like a two year old. Embarrassing to watch.

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