OT: Titleist UH hat

Somewhere on here or twitter I saw a Titleist UH hat. I think they got it from a country club pro shop. I haven’t seen it online or at Academy. Anyone know where I can get one? I have one friend who wants one badly.

Not sure, but Redstone or Golf Club of Houston may have some. I know Golfcrest in Pearland used to have some. Memorial may. That is where I would check first, though.

Check Golf Galaxy. The one on Richmond and 610 had some sweet Astros/Titleist hats a few weeks back. I don’t recall if I saw a UH or not, but they DID have other universities.

The Freeport Municipal course was advertising Titleist UH caps for $19.99 back in July. Might give em a call.

River Pointe golf course in Richmond has them, that’s where I bought mine. Also saw some at Edwin Watts near the Galleria.

Also bought mine at Edwin Watts golf.

I like those red Astros hats with UH on the side.

Do they still sell those?

I just picked up one this morning at Greatwood Golf Course. With this titliest hat, I feel like we belong in the country club with the big boys (UT, LSU, ect) now.

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