OT: Titleist UH hat

Somewhere on here or twitter I saw a Titleist UH hat. I think they got it from a country club pro shop. I haven’t seen it online or at Academy. Anyone know where I can get one? I have one friend who wants one badly.

Not sure, but Redstone or Golf Club of Houston may have some. I know Golfcrest in Pearland used to have some. Memorial may. That is where I would check first, though.

Check Golf Galaxy. The one on Richmond and 610 had some sweet Astros/Titleist hats a few weeks back. I don’t recall if I saw a UH or not, but they DID have other universities.

The Freeport Municipal course was advertising Titleist UH caps for $19.99 back in July. Might give em a call.

River Pointe golf course in Richmond has them, that’s where I bought mine. Also saw some at Edwin Watts near the Galleria.


Also bought mine at Edwin Watts golf.

I like those red Astros hats with UH on the side.

Do they still sell those?

I just picked up one this morning at Greatwood Golf Course. With this titliest hat, I feel like we belong in the country club with the big boys (UT, LSU, ect) now.

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Just got bit by the golf bug. Anyone still know of any spots to get this hat?

Great thread find. Looking to purchase one.

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Got mine at Oakhurst in Porter a couple years ago. Haven’t noticed it they still have them.

Hoping that, with the move to the Big XII, we see more merchandising stuff like this around. I’d love one of those.

PGA Superstore carried several teams a while back and I went in , saw them, and bought the 4 they had left. Thinking they would restock. Haven’t seen them yet.

I got mine at Tour 18.

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How recent?

Last fall.

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