OT: Tulane gets OU at Yulman to open 2021 schedule

Ahh…we played Louisville only because they had an exit agreement with AAC teams so they could leave the American as part of their Big East- ACC transition.

That’s how they played us at our place.

Also Louisville isn’t a Blue Blood…they were just having a good season when we played them.

So is the booze.


So is the piped in music !

Do they have a dj tho?


What are you TALKING about?? You tried to claim no marquee games. Guess what, you were WRONG!! Louisville was number 4 or 5 in the country and was 9-1 when we played them. That game was on ESPN national TV…

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No local promoters to get in the way down there but no telling will a LSU booster appear out of nowhere and pay Tulane to move it once the demand and stuff gets out of hand

But i think the dome will be under construction for field suites

Chris, did you really mean to say that we would not be invited back? After beating OU at NRG, I remember the OU coach said he would not have scheduled us if he had known we were that good. P5’s that play G5’s want easy wins.



That’s not what I said.
I said we have trouble scheduling blue blood schools.

While Louisville was a great game when we played them a)very few view Louisville as a blue blood football program and b) we only scheduled them because they had to as part of their exit agreement from the American/ Big East. They agreed to a home and away series once they were members of the ACC.

And as I stated, the Texas Kickoff scheduled OU and then we added a road game.

Name the other blue bloods we’ve played/ or will play since becoming a member of the AAC?